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The 2015 Madhouse Live Christmas Eve Special

It’s a Christmas miracle, the 2015 Christmas Eve special with Carlito, Brad, Milkman, Mistress Morgan, Dwight, and more has finally been released! The opening song is by Dom The Bomb. Carlito calls the Norad Santa Tracker line a bunch of times, everyone is extremely racist for a full 30 minutes, there’s a lot of fantasy football league drama, Planet Fitness customers, Howard yells at Carlito,  pedialyte cures hangovers, we find some lost quadcopter drones, Brad pusses out and goes to sleep, Carlito gets a lady to flip some switches faster and faster.

The Horse Rises (Pranksgiving 2015) – 11/26/15

thanksgiving-horseIt’s Pranksgiving again and we are raising money for another needy family.  Jiad is out on the street with the COMC crew filming stores while we call them during the Black Friday mayhem.  Carlito and Jin Stewart are reporting on unionization activity at a local Wal*Mart.  Descendants of the Mayflower pilgrims are being sent back to their home country.  Dwight gets into repeated heated arguments with a taxi driver that calls his medallion number out like its a gang sign.  Checking in on the action in the Kmart men’s restroom.  Feces in shoes and hats.  Dirty Christmas cards at Spencer Gifts.  Ordering pork bacon and heat eggs from Denny’s.

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Stolen Valor – Veterans Day 11/11/2015

dennys-veterans-dayIt’s Veterans Day and Carlito is calling looking for whatever he can get for free.  We wave off all produce from being delivered to a restaurant due to a product recall.  Carlito celebrates his former employer’s recent failure and buyout.

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Who’s Big Amy? – 11/9/15


It’s time for more daytime help wanted calls! Big Amy has had enough of Carlito calling her every time we do one of these. Social engineering your way into getting a hiring manager on the line is not the best way to go about looking for a job. Carlito gets around a court order to not yell at his wife by insulting her through a PA system. An Indian man claims to be walking down the street to talk to a police officer. You gotta season your lead before building with it. Matt Hillock and Zax are guests.


Milkman’s Last Birthday – 10/31/2015

haloween-bdyIt’s Halloween AND Milkman’s birthday machine!  How blessed are the appliances for sale?  Carlito calls a news tip line and recites the entire plot of The Shining.  We call several people with costumes, baby gates and dollies for sale.  Steak and Shake orders.  Carlito insults Jehovah’s Witnesses fro not giving out candy to trick or treaters.


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R.I.P. Daily Double – 10/25/2015


Carlito keeps cracking up during his calls.  Milkman is lamenting the end of his favorite McDonalds menu item: the Daily Double.  Carlito calls around trying to find an alternative option from McDonald’s as well as competitive bids from Burger King and Wendys.  We have some fun at the expense of a few infomercial order lines.  Job searching in Hawaii and offering to cut down someone’s free coconut tree.  Another pissed off swap shop poster is meeting Carlito at the Walmart looking for his silver Prius after an argument regarding a satanic Elmo bed.

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Fuzzy Marketing – 10/18/2015

dan-vodkaA lady at Home Depot rats us out while calling our friend at Lowe’s.  A different lady jumps at the chance to insult us after an inappropriate question regarding her clarinet.  Carlito confronts a guy selling empty Dan Aykroyd Crystal Head Vodka skull bottles as expensive Halloween decorations.  Some new Planet Fitness lunk alarm calls (including a hold fail).





Dropping Loads – 10/11/2015

droppin-loadsOrdering a salad bar to go from Sizzler consisting of several large boxes of salad mix and several chopped onions.  Also ordering the Chinese buffet to go.  Carlito is trying to make a prank call about the Black Whopper but can’t get a Burger King to answer the phone.  Local man wants us to drop six loads on his daughter.  More Twitter complainers.





You Are An Asshole – 10/4/2015

benedict-phoneLooking to get the specs on some after-market horseshoes.  We discuss the origin of the term “pair of pants”.  Benedict Cumberbatch is researching a movie role, has the owner of a moving company meet him at a bar.  Carlito is denied the secret of how McDonalds makes so many perfectly round eggs.  We want to install a turkey in the middle of a table.  A handful of very funny Twitter complainers.







Are You Milkwoman? – 9/13/15

bayou-billyBayou man is looking for a room to rent – wants to take out the built in furniture for a discount.  Dr. Cross, an animal expert for CNBC Radio, is producing a segment on aggressiveness in puppies who aren’t weaned properly.  Black Adopting a black cat machine for a black pagan mass.  Getting a sexual thrill from hunting deer.  What do you mean by ‘Do what now’?  A man gets upset when Carlito starts playing Counting.





Where You At? – 9/6/2015

harris-horseCarlito is looking for some shutters for his fucking hole in the woods – can’t do the math to figure out the price.  We send a guy to a Walmart parking lot to meet us for a job, he spends the next half hour looking for Carlito to beat his ass up for wasting his gas.  Tying horses to the bumper of a Ford F100 by their legs and driving off.  Carlito knows how to “have fun” during has calls.

Sekusu Roboto – 8/30/2015

freak-robotCarlito wants to drive a rolling hospital bed around the house.  Jin is distraught about seeing a red demon eyed man in Japan, reports it to the English-speaker at the museum.  Carlito. Dirty Aaron checks in from the People Republic of China Machine.  Waking up amd bothering wankers all over the world with Dwight, Morgan, Baz & Gen. Awesome.




Be For Real – 8/23/2015

carfireWaking up are waking up Patel wankers.  Jin wants to buy a carousel horse with a hole in it for his fist.  We are calling Audi asking for the best way to steal one o ftheir cars.  Later on they are seeking roadside assistance after experiencing a combined robbery/car jacking/assault/mouth-rape incident with a member of America’s favorite ethnic class!  Artie’s whore’s car catches on fire.

I’m Trying to Give You an Answer – 8/9/2015

shirtless-golfCarlito wants a guy to perform some shirtless practice swings before selling his golf clubs. Dialer invokes Michelle while trying to get a ride out of town. A woman selling piglets gets super pissed at us.  Guests are: Dialer, Dwight, Neon





Carlito Pyle – 8/2/2015


Messing around with pizza orders, offending foreigners at work & explaining the black problem.  Carlito is getting upset again when he finds out a car has already been sold.  Stuck in the elevator in Puerto Rico with a violent chicken.  The computer is not going.  Dwight calls back a dude with a lost wallet.

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