Who’s Big Amy? – 11/9/15


It’s time for more daytime help wanted calls! Big Amy has had enough of Carlito calling her every time we do one of these. Social engineering your way into getting a hiring manager on the line is not the best way to go about looking for a job. Carlito gets around a court order to not yell at his wife by insulting her through a PA system. An Indian man claims to be walking down the street to talk to a police officer. You gotta season your lead before building with it. Matt Hillock and Zax are guests.


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  1. lizdarwin says:

    These daytime job ad calls are fucking the best!

  2. Monotone Larry in tool world says:

    Any chance we could get that last show? Was it Christmas eve 2015 or something? Miss your pranks,a lot actually. But I listened to your explanation on that podcast and understand. Take care buddy.

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