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Goat Sexual Organs (Prank Call)

Carlito is playing organ music in the background as he wakes a lady up to ask how big her goat’s sexual organs are.

Lost Prank Call: Racist Indian

A prank call from a summer 2012 episode where an Indian man goes aggro racist on Americans, explaining that we are all on food stamps and do nothing but eat potato chips, drink Diet Pepsi (or Diet Coke), sit on the couch & watch football.  According to him foreigners are actually running the country.

Lost Prank Call: Michelle Off Air

A previously unedited call to M1chille which was not included in the original episode where Carlito first called her.  This call occurred after the end of the “Sexual Organs” episode.  And includes Michelle talking about how she used to think she was a whore, why Carlito is scaring her & more.

Approved! (Prank Call)

approvedCarlito calls a loan applicant and announces her approval in grand style!






Carlito & Dwight – Elevator Shaft (Prank Call)

Carlito is stuck in an elevator shaft at a hotel, Dwight is trying to get him help but Carlito is not very cooperative.

Carlito in the Duct Work – with Dwight (Prank Call)

Carlito manages to climb into the duct work over the grill at a Wendy’s, Dwight calls to get him some help getting back out.

Al Coholic – Step 9 (Prank Call)

Carlito calls in to an alcoholic support radio show as ‘Al Coholic’ – a man on step 9 who is about to fall off the wagon.

Angry Greek Loser (Prank Call)


A Greek man gets upset with Carlito’s taunting after his team’s loss in the 2014 World Cup.

Puta Madre (Prank Call)

Three Puerto Rican businesses are connected on the line at the same time.

A Prayer For Carlito (Prank Call)

A pastor starts praying for Carlito’s salvation during a prank call.

The Good Samaritan Law

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Footlocker Lawsuit

Carlito is going to sue everybody after he got scared of fireworks, crapped his shorts and sneakers, slipped and fell.

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Hostile Donut Man

Carlito and Andy argue with an angry Muslim donut kid.

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A prank call to a convenience store about grits.

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I Need An Address

Carlito hacks an answering machine, gets a number for a job applicant, calls and offers him a job but won’t give him an address.

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