R.I.P. Daily Double – 10/25/2015


Carlito keeps cracking up during his calls.  Milkman is lamenting the end of his favorite McDonalds menu item: the Daily Double.  Carlito calls around trying to find an alternative option from McDonald’s as well as competitive bids from Burger King and Wendys.  We have some fun at the expense of a few infomercial order lines.  Job searching in Hawaii and offering to cut down someone’s free coconut tree.  Another pissed off swap shop poster is meeting Carlito at the Walmart looking for his silver Prius after an argument regarding a satanic Elmo bed.

Get just the best prank calls from tonight’s episode on Prank Calls of the Week! on YouTube:  https://youtu.be/t7v6ZfI1-  While you are there help out by hitting Like and Subscribe!

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  1. Louie says:

    BEEP BEEP Mother **** xD

  2. Boggy B says:

    Have a good birthday milkman, Carlito and Milkman sound like brothers, the way they both argue. lol

  3. Apocalypse says:

    Carlito & Milkman make a great team. I just wish Milkman had a better method of being on the show except on a cellphone or the like. Maybe Skype mobile? Even with no change, still love the show for what it is

  4. Jordan says:

    Carlito & brad you guys are fucking legends but please what’s that techno like song at the begging of the rip big Mack podcast after that lady says “are you out of your crazy mind ?” Lol but please what’s that song I love it

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