You Are An Asshole – 10/4/2015

benedict-phoneLooking to get the specs on some after-market horseshoes.  We discuss the origin of the term “pair of pants”.  Benedict Cumberbatch is researching a movie role, has the owner of a moving company meet him at a bar.  Carlito is denied the secret of how McDonalds makes so many perfectly round eggs.  We want to install a turkey in the middle of a table.  A handful of very funny Twitter complainers.







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  1. LIZZY says:

    Great show, fucking hilarious! The continuous Cumberbatch insanity coupled with angry twitterers was the best. Also…”I have to say machine at the end of everything because I have OCD machine. Which is confusing itself, because I just said machine after OCD machine machine.” I didn’t do that justice but holy fuck that was brillant.

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