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Honey Labia – 3/9/2019 Show

Stealing shoes from Walmart. China is dirty. Carlito and Homer walk out of PetSmart without paying for his beef pizzle. A guy doesn’t appreciate Carlito calling his wife “Honey Labia”. Engineering is being sent to the hotel room regarding sheets in the toilet again. Support Madhouse on Patreon! or Make a One Time Donation Here […]

God Dammit – 2/23/2019 Show

Ordering two plain pizzas and 2 cheese pizzas and talking labia with the big pizza guy. Turning the light off on a guy in the Target bathroom making a lot of pooping noises. Carlito ends the show with chest pains. Support Madhouse on Patreon! or Make a One Time Donation Here Subscribe to the Madhouse […]

Toilet Offline – 2/6/19 Show

Cross is having trouble working the smart toilet in his hotel room. Carlito accuses a dentist of unbuttoning his pants. How much will it cost to pay a Taekwondo master to let us kick his ass in front of our children to earn their respect? Support Madhouse on Patreon! or Make a One Time Donation […]

What Do I Do? – 12/15/2019

Carlito is calling from the bathroom to find what he needs to do. Cross leaves his glucometer in the Barnes & Noble men’s room and a big bruhaha develops involving glory holes and trespassing warrants. Support Madhouse on Patreon! or Make a One Time Donation Here Subscribe to the new Madhouse Subreddit Call and Leave […]

Mader Tongue – 12/14/2018

Carlito is joined by Big Dwight McLanahan. We try to play audio of last week’s Indian cursing tirade to other Indian restaurants with mixed results. Carlito is calling from the Main Machine in town writing up the girls at Target in his report. Transportation is lying about the F word. Dave King joins to explain […]

I’m a Three Input Guy – 12/6/18

Carlito has found the best slacks in the United States at Target, he just need a few more inches for his bunghole. Planting sod in the basement for the cat to enjoy. Australian Chinese food is really boring and the restauraunt workers talk funny. Generic Viagra for sale from dirty India. Carlito freaks a lady […]

Pranksgiving 2018! – 11/21/2018

It’s stupid Pranksgiving! Jin Stewart joins for some calls to motel rooms. Carlito is calling for labia jewelry and getting some good responses. Harassing the Overeaters Anonymous conference line again. Waking up UK wankers for water tests. Insulting the clerks at JCPenney. Calling up the slow thinking momos in Guam. Support Madhouse on Patreon! or […]

Busting Cheeks – 11/15/2018

Insisting on placing a phone order for a Chipotle burrito bowl and being an asshole about it. Calling the Butterball Turkey Hotline. Carlito wants an Indian man to put on a wedding dress so he can see his body in it. Ordering a salad with heat. Support Madhouse on Patreon! or Make a One Time […]

Peanut Butter Puppies – 11/9/18

Carlito is trying to share a neat trick you can do with your puppy and some peanut butter. Tires, wood and a lawnmower for sale. Short show this week as Carlito just isn’t feeling that well. Support Madhouse on Patreon! or Make a One Time Donation Here Subscribe to the new Madhouse Subreddit Call and […]

Mushroom Sauce – 10/25/2018 Show

It’s Pokemon card giveaway time again! This time Carlito is sending people to the Walmarts while he’s shitting in toilet. Extreme confusion regarding divorce vs annulment and what that means for Cross. Watching gymnastics classes while covered in bed sheets and the Amish mattress guy shares a chuckle. Support Madhouse on Patreon! or Make a […]

I’m Not Looking for a Dishwasher – 10/18/2018

Carlito is calling the customer service line for and having the agents describe the adult toys for sale. Sears is closing another round of stores across the nation, we call to check in on their plans, manage to insult women selling large appliances. A car salesman is intimidated when Cross calls in looking to […]

Big Belly Bella – 10/11/2018 Show

RBCP and Carlito call back an entitled ‘lawyer’ who is upset that his damaged package isn’t being hand delivered to him. Lysol is missing after Hurricane Michael strikes the Florida panhandle. Calling the Indians at Cop Cam again and we’re still not talking professionally. Planet Fitness shenanigans, ordering burps, shit & farts and insulting a […]

Blue Crab Machines – 10/4/2018 Show

Cross ordered blue crab machines but can’t figure out how to make them open and go. A restaurant makes the news for experimenting with cannabis to boil lobsters more humanely – the owner lady won’t SHUT UP ABOUT IT. Carlito has stolen an entire Cinnabon kitchen and is calling to get instructions on how to […]

International Telephone Business Machines – Pilot

The first episode of our new podcast which will be a Patreon Horse exclusive benefit.  The first few episodes will be a free preview to promote membership and while we work the technical side out.  Enjoy and send your suggestions! Support Madhouse on Patreon! or Make a One Time Donation Here Subscribe to the new […]

What Have We Learned – 9/20/18 Show

Carlito is joined by Dwight McC, JagTV, Matt Hillock & RBCP as we go over our PLA/PCN Meetup in Chicago. Thanks to everyone who donated to make this possible. Matt wonders why we always prank Indians, Carlito teaches him why. Ordering some stupid heat crap like always. This is another stupid show. Support Madhouse on […]