Honey Labia – 5/31/19

In this episode, Buffalo Bill liked big girls, Matt and Zax are back, Carlito got a new phone, wireless charging is slow as fuck, oh crud Carlito just said he’s going to edit all of this out of the podcast and I didn’t edit any of it out. I’m sorry, though, I like when he rambles. I’m going to name this show Honey Labia even though I’m not sure if he meant that the other show he was editing should be called that or this current show, calls come in from Catastrophe and Dwight and Wasted Memory, Carlito loves not talking to people at McDonalds, Green B gives us a gyro update, Dwight discusses the upcoming Chicago meetup, Dwight gives the show an explosive ending, Homer is doing great.

This show was edited and posted by RBCP, using Carlito’s “instant show reel” recording that he provided to supporters via Dropbox. This is the very first show that hasn’t been posted to the Madhouse podcast feed. After this show it looks like there are about 19 more of them left to edit and post. I will try to post all of them over the coming year or two. This site is now managed by me, RBCP. I rarely listened to Carlito’s podcast feed because I tried to always be around for his live shows. Therefore, I don’t know exactly what his style of editing was. Mostly I’ll just be cutting out long pauses, phones ringing, and some of the music. If I’m doing anything wrong, please yell at me. RIP, Carlito!

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