Venomous Snake – 6/28/19

Here’s a Carlito show from June of 2019. In this episode, Wasted Memory calls in and talks about banging shopping carts together, Dom The Bomb calls in and sticks around until the end, Carlito does a telephone drop test, Dwight reports in from the bathroom, a Breastaurant is called, Carlito tells hotels about his large dangerous snake if you know what I mean, Carlito is not a fan of Matt Hillock’s poop posts on Facebook, updates about the upcoming prank call meetup in Chicago, updates about Homer, Matt and Dwight work out their differences, Carlito gets trapped in an elevator and then reviews the Chernobyl miniseries.

The audio on this one was kind of maxed out and distorted. I brought it down a little, but you’ll definitely hear some bad audio in this one, especially in the phone calls. I left some old calls in the middle of the show. I bet he used to take those out, but screw it because they were funny. I also left in some of Carlito’s opening bits in this show. It’s the stuff that he would usually delete out of the podcast feed, but for those of us listening live, he often played a bunch of music and clips before shows. I’m keeping it there so you can have a taste of the entire live listening experience, though I did chop a lot of the music up so I don’t get sued by the RIAA.

Edited and uploaded by RBCP. RIP, Carlito!

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