Tuna Panties – 6/7/2019

In this show, Carlito calls complainers, Legend chats about the weather, Dirty Aaron calls in to talk about falafels, JagTV is stroking it, Carlito gets in a few car accidents, a caller is worried that the prank call meetup is a joke, you can now find Madhouse Live on Spotify, Dwight and Carlito go to a movie together after the show.

This show was edited and posted by RBCP, using Carlito’s “instant show reel” recording that he provided to supporters via Dropbox. This site is now managed by me, RBCP. I rarely listened to Carlito’s podcast feed because I tried to always be around for his live shows. Therefore, I don’t know exactly what his style of editing was. Mostly I’ll just be cutting out long pauses, phones ringing, and some of the music. If I’m doing anything wrong, please yell at me. RIP, Carlito!

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