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No, YOU Shut Up! – 9/27/12 Show

Carlito talks a guy down on the price for a classic copy of our favorite racist book – then threatens to hit him with it in the head.  Jin shows us how to change your mind when ordering food AFTER they have cooked it for you.  More troubles with the UK water machines.

The Recipe For Making Love

Milkman upsets the epileptic Zappos girl when he accuses her over being on her monthly.  An elderly man is not interested in his prize of adult movies.  An old lady is willing to share her daughters funky scrubs and panties.  More hijinks with computer repair customers.

The Poo Poo Show

Jin calls a Ugandan consulate to complain about a deviant movie they sent to the British embassy. The Turkish Horse is going to blow our brains out. We cancel the deposits on layaway orders after we got high and horsed around in the back room.

Not Playing Games – Madhouse Promo 2012

Here’s a new Madhouse promo spot, the first one in over 4 years.  This is one of three new special promos being released this fall in celebration of our newly designed website.

Milkman Zzzzzz

We give Charlie a good scare when the embassy calls saying his daughter is in jail overseas. Milkman falls asleep on the air. A gay diner adds glitter to their ham and eggs. A UK man ordered a prostitute while on holiday in Florida.

Banana Leaves Wrapped With Rubber Bands

The Turkish Horse gets upset again when International Business Machines claims he owes money on a credit card terminal machine he hasn’t paid for. Carlito wants French boys to take their shirts off in order to get more comfortable. We trick several convenience stores into shutting their power off at the circuit breaker.

Little Black Sambo

We are confusing a pizza place again, this time by trying to reverse an unauthorized discount. Cross is offended by the Zappos and their joke of the day. We are performing a satanic angel sacrifice.

Go Boil Your Head

Carlito is upset with Wendys after hearing music over the drive-thru headset. Yet another Indian gets on Carlito’s bad side after arguing over the Caste System. The usual UK wakeup call shenanigans round out the night.

Indians Run The Country

AMD and Carlito order a pizza place to shut down when their delivery drivers smell like alcohol. A British guy goes head to head with Carlito and sandbags him during a prank. We are shutting the gas pipe machines down in the UK. Americans just sit on their asses eating potatoes and drinking Diet Coke according to an Indian restaurant owner.

7 Year Madhouse Anniversary Show Machine

It’s the 7 year anniversary of Madhouse Radio! Jin Stewart, Zolar and Hollywood Vanja join the fray as we perform some live pranks to celebrate and countdown the top 5 calls of the 6th season.

The King of Thailand is an Asshole

Carlito talks a Chinese restaurant into cooking a secret dish of cow penis. It is a grave offense to insult the King of Thailand, we call Thailand to push the envelope on the matter. Carlito explains how he microwaved a turd at a house party when he was in high school.

The Subject is Breakfast

We return after a 2 month break. Cross is working overtime fixing computers and finding penises on them. We are calling the UK to place breakfast orders from people who are just waking up. Carlito waited 2 hours to eat his take out food and is now complaining that his steak is cold. Artie has met yet another weird girl.

He Was Speaking Spanish This Whole Time

Riley martin doesn’t want to talk to Cross about Malcolm X being in a spaceship. Carlito is calling a plumber to help with the aftermath of his toilet fetish. We are sending out the mobile voting machine for people who failed to vote in time in the UK.

Toilet Flushing Show

Big changes after the events of last weeks show. A woman posted an ad seeking building materials on Craigslist, we offer several toilets. We are watching water usage in the UK again, air in the system leads to us ordering people to flush their toilets.

We’re Not Playing Games

International Business Machines wants to hire an Indian guy’s pretty wife. Carlito threatens to beat his girlfriend up if an old man doesn’t give his name up. An old lady in the UK keeps repeating her digits. Milkman get serious.

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