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Carlito and RBCPs New Years Eve – 12/31/12

nyehorseIt’s a special Carlito and RBCP New Years show!  We spend New Years conducting convenience store customer surveys, severely angering a black patron in the process.

Madhouse LIVE Christmas Eve – 12/24/12

christmas-horse-2Its a special Madhouse Christmas show!  We harrass portrait studio customers, including a lady whose pictures caused the store to catch on fire because of the colors she was wearing.  Carlito puts NORAD on alert.  Santa does not want to assist with letting a kid know his dad died on Christmas Eve.

El Barco De La Madre – 12/20/12


We call Mexican restaurants looking for tickets for the Mothership in order to escape tonight’s Mayan apocalypse. We harrass photo lab customers who haven’t picked up their pictures yet. Jin wakes up British citizens letting them know the world is ending.

Mr Tabachi, Make it So – 12/13/12


Carlito’s server machine is broken.  We cancel a food order from the Turkish Horse.  RBCP sends in more pizza delivery numbers, including one where an asian man gets really upset.

Artie Had a Bisexual Threesome – 12/6/12


Artie and Milkman both share their recent homosexual experiences with us. A man gets upset when Carlito wants to personally train his wife to use an iPhone. Jack Masterson is upset that Planet Fitness is limiting the amount of free pizza he can eat on free pizza Mondays.

No Sushi Party – 11/29/12


An Indian restaurant gets very upset when Carlito cancels his food order at the last minute.  A hillbilly lady isn’t interested in having a sushi party in order to sell some furniture.  A stupid autistic kid won’t shut up in the background.

I Fry You Penis – 11/24/12

Our long awaited Madhouse Radio episode from November 24th 2012. An Asian woman threatens to fry up our penises. Homemade Mexican salsa is not a Craigslist codeword for homegrown weed.

The Horse Strikes Back – Thanksgiving 2012 Show

stooge_turkeyDadead shares the details on the loss of his virginity with us.  We track down are horse friend in Guam for a third year in a row.  Countless Black Friday prank calls into the wee hours of the night.

Big Agnes Horse Thief – 11/8/12 Show

Bill Bollocks is an effeminate photo lab manager who is calling customers that take too long to pick up their prints.  We make some calls to Puerto Rico about holes.  More SKU number hijinks at Zappos.

Two in the Pink, One in the Stink – 11/3/12


The entire crew gets in on the action after Brent Westwood offends yet another layaway customer.  Jin learns about “The Shocker” for the first time.  Carlito has a fetish dealing with touching and kissing life-sized wood statutes.

Hurricane Scared Show – 10/29/12

Carlito takes to the air during Superstorm Sandy and closes down a few convenience stores for the night, tries to buy inflatable furniture for his flooded house and Jack Masterson loses his pants and is locked out of an airport during the storm.

I Have Six Toilets – 10/25/12 Show

Carlito orders a Brisith lady to check her toilets – all 6 of them.  More calls to irate layaway customers.  A random Indian guy gets very upset when we order food from him.

He’s Not My Uncle – 10/18/12 Show

Schlomo the Gay Puerto Rican is calling a kosher restaurant to get meal ideas for his attempts to seduce a Rabbi.  Carlito is asking weird questions regarding a granny-sitting job.  We are looking for possible relatives of Jimmy Savile to join a Grand Master Lawsuit.

Your Car Is Now On Fire – 10/11/12 Show

Cross burns the interior of a car at the service department after smoking in it, he calls the owner back to give her a quote for repair.  Carlito is conducting biased political surveys with voters late at night.  More toilet bowl temperature checks.

Is the Water Hot or Cold? – 10/4/12 Show


Carlito is going to pay a martial arts master to tou4ch and kick him. Carlito gets a lady to put her hand in the toilet. Eddie Garcia is back and all up in here.

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