The Blood Moon – 4/16/14

bloodmoonCarlito, Baz, Sloth, Tabachi and Zyklon place some zany restaurant orders. Special Time Agent Garcia is back trying to keep a guy from drinking some bad juice. Ron Newman fires a Starbucks employee for her attitude.

Show Notes:

0:06:00 Speaking nonsense to the wedding magazine office
0:09:38 Du ju have peenots?
0:10:52 ..calling back to find out what they have
0:17:41 Asking why someone didn’t make it to the Mardi Gras ball
0:24:14 Baz is trying to cash a personal check without his wife finding out
0:26:33 Carlito calls back to cash a payroll check, wants the bulletproof glass taken out temporarily
0:28:26 Anonymous info for the Masonic hall goes nowhere
0:30:10 Making an order to go right now, flirting with the waitress
0:34:44 Ordering weird items from the Chinese restaurant
0:36:10 ..Mr. Newman calls back with a serious complaint
0:38:52 Stem cells can do anything
0:43:56 Calling for the son of a bitch doctor
0:49:46 The computer does not go
0:51:21 …calling back for technical support
0:53:25 “I was like lahhhhhh”
0:54:31 ..Baz calls back and makes the girl uncomfortable
1:02:20 Zyklon calling tech support
1:08:25 Bahnchod doesn’t understand
1:09:26 Another bahnchod doesn’t understand
1:11:38 Another bahnchod understands and hangs up
1:13:14 Baz is collecting the order in his hand
1:16:20 Starbucks call goes nowhere
1:18:50 Another Starbucks call, this time firing someone
1:28:44 Chineese order goes nowhere
1:31:00 Calling the Elephant back
1:31:00 Someone calls back to take out order
1:36:13 …calling him back to straighten out the order
1:37:18 ..Carlito tries a third time
1:40:58 Special Time Agent Garcia calling from the future
1:43:25 ..Zyklon calls back
1:44:51 ..the Blood Moon!
1:47:25 Calling Charlie about the blood moon
1:50:24 Kelly is cheating on you mate
2:05:56 Making an order from a psychic
2:09:50 Canceling the previous order

Music featured on this episode

Bruce Springsteen – Thunder Road
Turnabout Jazz Soul – Godot – The Fragrance of Dark Coffee
MF Doom [special herbs vol 5-6 – Kava Kava Root
MF Doom [Special Herbs 9 and 0] – Bergamont
,MF Doom [special herbs vol 5-6 – White Willow Bark
MF Doom [Special Herbs 7-8] – Safed Musli
Puff Daddy And The Family – Do You Know
Lil Wayne – La La La
MF Doom [Special Herbs 9 and 0] – Podina
MF Doom [Special Herbs, Vol 3-4] – Lemon Grass
,Bronze Nazareth – 07 ODB Tribute
Gorillaz – On Melancholy Hill


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