Caught in the Gym Shower – 4/17/14

showerCarlito is calling about tricycles, wet suits and hunting lodges for sale. Two fat Indians are not happy with the way Carlito is ordering food. A woman in Guam likes to curse and drink. John has responded with interest in a penis enlargement study – Ken and Turbo harass him at the gym while he is working out.

Show Notes:

0:06:17 Carlito!
0:11:50 I wanna take you away in my car
0:15:49 “It doesn’t matter, nothing upsets me”
0:16:59 Go back to your country
0:19:52 Don’t want to talk to any fucking woman
0:21:18 Connecting 2 Indians together fails
0:22:10 Two fat Indians doesn’t like Carlito’s ordering style
0:28:23 Excited about a tricycle for sale
0:32:54 ..calling the wife back about the tricycle
0:35:51 I’m not your honey baby
0:41:35 Hunting lodge for sale
0:43:50 ..connecting a guy selling duck and goose calls
0:45:40 ..connecting a guy advertising a turkey hunt
0:49:46 ..trying to connect Tommy
0:55:13 Gun classes, Milkman plays the guitar while Carlito makes weird noises
1:00:34 Wet suit for sale
1:02:34 Whistle Attack!
1:04:12 Calling on a group deer and turkey hunt
1:11:57 Sending Oliver at the front desk to room 205 to deliver a message
1:22:03 Shipping a military hovercraft from Guam to Los Angeles
1:25:28 ..Do you like to curse and drink?
1:28:39 John is interested in a penis enlargement study
1:29:43 ..calling back the gym
1:35:18 ..gym finally gets him on the phone
1:38:56 ..calling back after John hang up
1:38:56 ..John calls back upset
1:45:43 ..Ken calls John back about the false allegations
1:47:37 Time Warner complaint

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