I’ll Bust Yer Sheeit – 4/10/14

helicopter-stormyJack Masterson is having trouble ordering curbside ambulance service pizza. Carlito has another fit, this time over fried chicken. Eddie Quois finds a lost dog, renames it, gets into a bunch of heated exchanges with the owners and then blames it all on Mike Tucker. We are returning a lost iPhone but not before downloading all the pics first. Congratulations to Engima420 on passing his CCNA test on the first try!

Show Notes:

0:16:08 Calling Taco Johns about a bottle of tequila that got thrown on the roof
0:27:10 Jack Masterson calling for curb side ambulance service
0:31:04 Jack gets hung up on again
0:31:50 Milkman calls to order lamb curry and naan bread
0:32:58 Calling back after getting the phone problem fixed
0:39:12 Hung up on for saying God dammit
0:42:08 Having a fit over a botched chicken order
0:47:34 No panjabi
0:57:48 Calling to Medevac a poodle by helicopter to an emergency vet hospital with a dog (or horse) machine
1:03:50 ..transferrring Dr. McLanahan
1:06:26 Returning someones lost cell phone but not before downloading all their pics first
1:11:31 Carlito found Queenie the lost dog
1:23:09 ..I’ll bust yer sheeit
1:23:35 ..National Call Tracing Center assists
1:25:02 ..Dwight returns a call on his caller ID
1:27:25 Dwight offers a fight to a previous victim
1:30:04 Carlito hacks into a lost iPhone he found at a casino
1:32:56 ..calling back to advise show is ending early
1:36:14 Lady calls back about found phone, Eddie Quois explains he likes to watch his wife breast feed
1:41:02 Calling back about Queenie

Music featured on this episode:

Crazy Fucker from California – Crazy Accordian
Joe Pesci – Take Your Love And Shove It
Turnabout Jazz Soul – Godot – The Fragrance of Dark Coffee
MF Doom [Special Herbs 9 and 0] – Vinca Rosea
MF Doom [Special Herbs, Vol 3-4] – Styrax Gum
MF Doom [special herbs vol 5-6 – Galangal Root
MF Doom [special herbs vol 5-6 – Lavender Buds
MF Doom [Special Herbs vol. 1-2] – All Spice
MF Doom [Special Herbs, Vol 3-4] – Lemon Grass
MF Doom [Special Herbs 9 and 0] – Datura Stramonium
MF Doom – Secret Herbs & Spices Beat 1 (Little Sambo)
MF Doom [Special Herbs vol. 1-2] – Shallots
MF Doom [Special Herbs, Vol 3-4] – Spikenard
MF Doom [Special Herbs 9 and 0] – Passion Flower
Eazy E – 04 – Still A Nigga Feat. Rhythum D

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