I Have a Chode – 4/23/14

sauchodeA talking cat wants help catching a rat. Patton Fox finds a lost green card, the owner is offering an hour with his son as a reward. Carlito wants to alter his prescription in order to get a pair of sunglasses that will fuck him up when he wears them.

Show Notes:

0:04:00 A cat is calling to have a rat caught in his house, but not disposed of
0:06:59 Patton Fox found a lost green card, sends a Mexican boy to Food City to trade sex for it
0:21:45 Horny Zack the telphone hacker
0:24:23 Calling Food City for the Mexican boy
0:41:56 Hung up on after complaining about too many rings
0:42:42 …calling back, looking for a lost phone bridge
0:45:08 ..found a nice lipstick color?
0:45:58 Did that Mexican boy show up?
0:50:19 I have a chode
0:51:02 ..Baz calls back, explains women usually mess things up.
0:55:15 ..Carlito calls back to order one man-made pasta
0:58:29 Dr. Cross interrupts a doctor with his nonsense
1:08:27 No I can’t hold
1:09:29 ..calling to order a pair of sunglasses that will make me real fucked up
1:10:47 ..calling again but bleeping out the cursing
1:11:48 ..David Snozwell calls back in for a monacle
1:15:39 Renting out church spaces for a bachelor party
1:17:16 ..Baz calls back from the machine organization for an explanation
1:29:56 The guys need the hotel toilet fixed
1:37:04 Calling the pharmacy for the good shit
1:38:15 ..Anthony won’t be talked to like that
1:39:25 Tracking down Tim Searcy, asling about a pacemaker
1:51:45 Checking for mavros at the Greek restaurant
1:53:05 ..calling back checking for malaka
1:54:11 ..we’re turks
1:54:11 Quick hangup for calling her sexy
1:55:13 ..one bahnchod!
1:57:04 How do I take a shit in the toilet in the mobile home

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