The Fall of Saigon – 4/30/14

Hugh Van Es dies at 67We’re calling some of our favorite targets from the past few years. Carlito is trying to jump over Snake River Canyon in an RV fitted with awnings on either side. Jazper Millenium-Cruz is having trouble peeing, we get on the wrong side of the STD clinic while trying to get him in to get checked out. The guy at the tropical fish store gets very upset at the way Carlito is asking about eating goldfish. Bothering halal Subways in the UK.

Show Notes:

0:05:10 Asking the Turkish Horse if he did a lot of fucking today
0:07:32 Valente is installing Sunsetter awnings on his RV again, this time he’s jumping over the Snake River Canyon
0:09:38 ..calling back trying to get help from an engineer
0:17:10 Raising money for Robbie Knievel to jump the Snake River Canyon
0:20:02 Checking in on the Bulls Head Pub
0:21:18 ..quick hang up
0:24:45 Hey sexy…-click-
0:25:38 David Snozwell calls back
0:30:20 Garcia is calling the health center clinic for services
0:33:41 ..Baz calls back to see a doctor
0:36:13 ..”nurse” (or is it cop) picks up to assist
0:43:35 Calling the IHOP around the corner, having them check to see if there is anyone fucking in a car in the parking lot
0:47:41 Calling for specific wheel machines at the Rent-A-Wheel
0:49:11 ..connecting soul food while waiting on Rent-A-Wheel
0:53:50 Are you a woman?
0:54:42 Baz calling Sizzler for orange juice
0:57:56 Pissing off the tropical fish guy
0:59:34 ..calling back to apologize and be friends
1:01:44 Playing the kinky donut game
1:02:18 ..explaining the kinky donut game again
1:04:08 Calling for adobo
1:08:47 Barber college calls
1:11:28 Looking for penis suction pump
1:13:39 Another collard greens call to a soul food restaurant turns very gay
1:20:58 ..connecting a notary to sign his death warrant
1:20:58 Garcia calling Kmart from the parking lot to check the glory hole action before coming inside
1:27:26 Ordering one gasoline
1:29:14 Calling with questions about metal
1:45:33 Ordering from the halal Subway
1:46:37 Ordering from a different halal Subway
1:47:44 “It is dirty, chuck off”
1:49:32 ..Carlito upset Baz was treated bad
1:51:20 Subway acting like he can’t hear us
1:52:40 Sandwich Mother Fucker!
1:53:45 Order only in the shop
1:54:55 I used to fuck an Egyptian girl
1:57:16 Eat the sandwich in front of me to make sure its not poisoned
2:00:14 Carlito would’ve stripped naked if he was on Flight 93
2:02:46 Baz is bringing a poopy pig into Subway
2:05:59 In the middle of sex with a Subway sandwich
2:16:45 Not the hole we’re looking for
2:17:16 I wanna go up in dat hole

Music featured on this episode:

Pink Floyd – Welcome To The Machine
Jimmiy Vaughan – Tilt-a-Whirl
MF Doom [Special Herbs 9 and 0] – Peach Extract
MF Doom Madvillian [Four Tet Remixes] – Accordion (Instrumental)
The Beastie Boys – 14th St. Break
Dan The Automator – Seneca
Dan The Automator – Firesuite
Dan The Automator – Stroker Ace
PornoSonic – Spiderpussy (Slight Return)
MF Doom [Special Herbs 9 and 0] – Coltsfoot Leaf
Skrillex – Imma Try It Out Ft. Alvin Risk (Original Mix)
Curtis Mayfield – Move On Up
Notorious B.I.G. – 07 – I Love the Dough
Kalyanji & Anandji – My Guru
Wu-Tang Clan – It’s Yours (Instrumental)
Deltron 3030 – Mastermind
Bronze Nazareth – Listen
Gorillaz – Dirty Harry
RJD2 – All For U
MF Doom [Special Herbs 9 and 0] – Vinca Rosea
MF Doom [Special Herbs, Vol 3-4] – Styrax Gum

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