We Take Our Shits Down Here – 3/20/14

chicken-fightWe are calling the island nation of Puerto Rico tonight where chickens are loose in the our rooms and people are taking shits in our toilets. Carlito has gotten himself into some trouble with terrorists in Turkey, the hotel clerk is not willing to help get us out of the mess. More twitter complaints and what not and so forth and things of this nature.

Show Notes:

0:06:50 DMV complaint
0:10:40 Needing all the knives put away at the steakhouse in PR
0:19:05 Placing a new order at the Turkish Kitchen
0:34:10 ..Canceling the order
0:21:05 Why you talking to me like that?
0:21:50 How are you honey baby?
0:22:13 Gristle hangs up again
0:23:26 Oscar hangs up
0:24:11 Complaining about Oscar
0:43:56 Shut up, stop talking and talking
0:43:56 Someone took a shit in Dwight’s hotel room toilet machine
0:51:01 Is Tommy Oliver there?
0:53:09 JDF search fail
0:56:50 JDF search fail again
1:02:19 Blue hotel #1
1:02:53 Blue hotel #2
1:08:13 ..coming back from hold
1:11:12 Blue hotel #3
1:11:12 Donde esta la leche?
1:22:29 PR convenience store #1
1:26:18 PR convenience store #2
1:29:07 Rabid chicken loose in the hotel room
1:33:02 Another rabid chicken
1:35:51 Captured by islamist extremists in Turkey
1:39:10 Another call to a Turkish hotel
1:40:07 Yet another call to a Turkish hotel
1:45:13 Even more calls to a Turkish hotel
1:49:13 ..connecting Faizan
1:51:16 ..connecting another Turk
1:54:09 ..connecting the Turkish Kitchen in NYC
1:55:45 ..connecting a white boy
2:14:05 Dwight calling for Charlie
2:16:24 Insulting an Australian restaurant
2:18:14 Pizza pocket
2:18:59 ..make a tuna pussy pizza pocket
2:25:01 Comcast Twitter complainer
2:26:22 ..Supervisor calls back
2:27:17 ..General counsel calls back
2:33:46 Another Comcast complainer
2:42:10 I smell pot coming from your house
2:47:33 Banchod!
2:52:07 Another hotel JDF search fail
2:54:53 More Indian takeaway
2:56:15 Tandoori shit food
2:57:50 Spunky monkey

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