Milking Horses – 3/17/14


The guys finally get a hold of JDF’s wife Tammy.  Several horse calls including horse massages, horse bachelor parties and horse milking.  It’s St. Patricks Day and we’re calling Ireland to ask about how much drinking and fucking they’re doing.  Ken’s violent niece is throwing jars of pickles at 7-11, we need helping controlling here while we shop for swords and canteens.

Show Notes:

0:02:37 Calling for nice, thick and goopy horse semen
0:04:29 ..Did you see Jackass 2?
0:05:00 ..David Snozwell calls back
0:07:16 Horse massage
0:08:22 Horse entertainment?
0:14:04 Horse therapy liar
0:15:32 Arabian horse member
0:19:11 ..calling back Big Fat Cindy
0:23:44 Cross looking to buy breast milk
0:26:45 Honda Accord for sale, Any sex in it?
0:28:32 Used sports car… or cards?
0:31:37 Alpacas
0:37:41 Tammy Frank finally answers the phone
0:45:21 Mexican guy is not JDF
0:50:11 Foam matresses made from plant machines
0:52:09 Car for sale
0:53:39 ..calling back about the car
0:57:05 An order for bahnchod
0:58:05 ..calling the police on us
0:59:09 Don orders bahnchod
1:01:13 Baz orders bahnchod
1:04:19 Just one moment. -Click-
1:06:06 It is a bad word
1:09:44 ..why you hang up?
1:11:02 Irish St Pattys Call #1 – angry lady
1:12:00 ..calling back
1:12:57 ..calling yet again
1:13:36 Miles O’Brien from Starfleet
1:15:27 Father O’Brien joins in
1:17:39 Irish St Pattys Call #2 goes nowhere
1:18:45 The angry lady calls back
1:31:28 Carlito calls the gym
1:37:17 Calling another gym
1:47:07 Free Magic: The Gathering cards
1:52:55 Grandma Rebecca
1:54:17 .. calling back
1:59:18 Asking 7-11 to watch our crazy violent niece
2:01:15 Calling the Army Surplus store next door to watch our niece while we hit up the 7-11 instead

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