Bookstore Gloryhole Madness – 3/24/14

ghCarlito and Baz call a few Best Buys trying to be let out with unpaid merchandise. We play a voicemail left by an angry lance corporal last night. Carlito wants to leave Macaroni Grill with a to go order and a ton of silverware and plates. Several hilarious calls to Barnes and Noble regarding gloryhole action and requesting food, drink and magazines to be delivered to stall #2

0:05:05 Why so long to pick up?
0:06:24 Chipotle is the McDonalds of Mexican restaurants.
0:11:12 Calling about the silverware theft policy at Macaroni Grill
0:20:35 Problem with the security motherfucker
0:21:01 David calling from inside the store
0:23:04 Baz wants to be let out of the back door at Best Buy
0:25:29 ..Eddie calling back about loss prevention procedures
0:31:29 Baz is going to be hanging out in the restroom for a little while
0:32:26 Baz’s name puts a Best Buy clerk on guard
0:34:32 Calling Best Buy Mobile for a Samsung TV
0:38:06 Building a human zoo, need Mexicans
0:42:12 Looking for sexy shoes and feet to make a foot pussy
0:45:13 Angry Lance Corporal leaves a voicemail for Sgt Eddie Cross
0:47:07 Several calls to check how the action is at the Barnes and Noble gloryhole
0:53:33 Calling a different B&N for a gloryhole action check
0:54:33 Placing an order for a Maxim magazine to be delivered to the bathroom
0:57:05 Another bookstore gloryhole call
0:58:21 … waiting too long, calling yet another store
1:00:14 What are the bathroom stall dividers made of?
1:03:42 Baz ordering a food delivery to the bathroom
1:04:53 ..calling back and getting banned from the store
1:06:08 Calling to make another order for bathroom delivery
1:07:14 Yet anoter B&N call
1:09:49 Looking up the Kamasutra

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