United Fiber Machines 3/11/14


Carlito, Baz and RBCP do some afternoon pranks during a new studio test. We need talented performing cats to mate with our female cats. Carlito is calling gym members with complants about their conduct. We confuse a lady regarding fiber orders. Several Indian restaurants are angered by our usual antics.

=Show Notes=====
1 0:05:16 You have a stupid dog for sale?
2 0:07:41 Please stop oggling the ladies at the gym, sir
3 0:15:14 Classic Madhouse Prank: I’m Reticent to Answer
4 0:25:29 Calling the Rockcats to get their talented felines to mate with ours
5 0:32:42 Smoeone tricks Carlito into calling the Alpha Launch Control Center
6 0:35:33 Baz and Carlito are collecting on a debt
7 0:42:25 Lost ring found in the park
8 0:45:29 .. Do you hear us now DAMMIT?
9 0:47:25 FIRST HALF OF SHOW ENDS. Classic Madhouse Prank: Fat Albert Salad
10 0:50:17 Classic Madhouse Prank: The Man Pants
11 0:58:09 Zolar Livelinks Prank Call
13 1:05:45 Lumber Mill Music Video
14 1:07:35 .. Calling back for the woman who answers the phone
15 1:08:24 Baz is calling for fibers
16 1:09:21 ..Carlito is calling back to order fibers
17 1:14:34 Bangladeshi curse prank
18 1:16:38 ..Baz apologizes
19 1:18:18 ..Fuck you wanker
20 1:18:50 ..I want to kiss and touch your hair
21 1:19:23 ..Spread your buttcheeks for your medication
22 1:17:40 Indian call goes nowhere
23 1:25:47 Hi baby, how are you. (Indian restaurant)
24 1:27:05 .. Ordering one sister
25 1:28:55 French Hotel
26 1:29:41 Could you please stop calling
27 1:32:03 Gym complaint

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