No Plasma TV for Hispanics – 03/13/14

No-TV-We are hiding in the crawl space under a hostel and need our water. Carlito has locked himself in the bathroom at TGI Fridays and refuses to come out until the music is turned down. Jiad is filming a reality show at the Subway in Compton. Several incoming calls from people wanting a free bedroom set and plasma TV. Dr Unk entertains with some JDF calls.

Show notes:

0:05:03 Hostel in Little Italy-“I need my fucking water, man.”
0:08:14 ..Baz apologizes
0:09:14 ..Polkja calls for the water
0:15:14 Calling to sell Cuban Cohiba cigars
0:17:21 ..Fongoul puttana
0:20:33 .. Zolar tries to prank in Italian
0:30:27 Zolar prank liquor store as Anita
0:32:19 ..tries again
0:34:26 Burger King of Compton
0:36:54 Jiad pranks a guy named Fucking/Joaquin at Subway
0:39:35 ..Jiad calls back with the psychic on the line
0:40:33 A quite pleasant Subway
0:44:18 Another Subway in Compton, filming a reality TV show
0:45:43 ..we don’t want any nappy wigs and bad hair, will be providing Hitler mustaches
0:50:15 Carlito is hiding from the loud music in the bathrrom at the Compton TGI Fridays
0:52:00 ..still refusing to come out because of the loud music
0:52:41 Still waiting
0:54:06 ..wife now waiting on Carlito
0:58:29 Blackman pizza (several calls)
1:01:19 ..Dwight calls back (several more calls)
1:04:31 Albert (Zolar) crapped his pants
1:06:40 .. Baz calls back
1:08:39 .. OH MY GAWD
1:09:25 Come at me bro
1:10:06 ..Come at me bro 2
1:10:56 ..Dwight calls to say come at me bro
1:15:04 Get it out of your ass
1:16:15 ..”Are you some kind of LDS Mormon motherfucker?”
1:17:39 Incoming call from a mother fucker
1:21:43 What if I had a penis transplant?
1:26:14 Sexy honey baby calling for a bed set
1:27:17 .. Faq U
1:28:43 Indian order
1:30:11 ..Bedroom set 2
1:31:25 ..Zolar joins in
1:36:27 First call to the corporal
1:38:15 ..Bedroom set 3
1:42:02 Dr. Baz ordering stupid, filthy Indian food
1:47:11 Zolar orders a special dish
2:01:18 David Sonzwell with an order
2:01:57 ..We’re all laying down on it right now (Bedroom set 4)
2:03:25 Ordering a cake in the shape of a cow from an Indian bakery
2:05:21 Calling for an Indian sister at the Indian jewelry store
2:07:30 ..calling the bolice
2:07:58 ..Please don’t call bolice
2:08:41 ..”From where you are find my number?”
2:10:27 ..”I fuck your mother”
2:11:34 Bedroom set 5
2:12:18 ..Carlito apologizes for yelling at Baz and Ken
2:14:01 UK Michael wake up call
2:15:01 ..UK Michael wake up 2
2:15:45 ..Bedroom set 6 joins in
2:16:47 ..UK Michael has alzheimers, be assertive
2:20:23 Bedroom set 7
2:25:10 Chris the asshole is calling David in the UK
2:26:41 No plasma TV for hispanics
2:27:45 ..calling his woman back
2:30:01 ..Dwight calls again
2:31:36 ..Dr. Baz tries to mediate
2:32:22 “How can I help you handsome baby?” (Plasma TV call 2)
2:35:36 Plasma TV call 3
2:36:29 Bedroom set call 8
2:37:14 Plasma TV call 4
2:38:37 ..he calls back again
2:40:43 Plasma TV call 5
2:41:48 Plasma TV call 6 (Dwight)
2:48:21 JDF call 1
2:56:03 ..Calling back after Skype fails
3:17:41 JDF call 2
3:20:21 JDF call 3
3:41:39 JDF call 4
3:45:57 JDF call 5

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