Trust Me – 3/6/14

t2Tonight we are joined by our pal Zolar along with Baz, Dwight, Turbo and Evil Artie (who is on a weed vacation in Colorado).  Big Fat Card Girl is not the one to fuck with.  An old man in the UK is going to give himself a heart attack.. An Indian guy actually brings his sister in front for us.  Boston legalizes upskirt pictures in public, we are looking to buy used iPhones for this purpose.

Show Notes:

03:39 Mustang for sale but nobody wants to talk.
05:36 Same people answer about gfucking on a Tempurpedic bed.

07:16 Dude is looking for a truck.

09:24 Baz and Turbo replying to an ad for a driver.

13:14 Calling Big Fat Card Girl about Dragonballz cards for sale
.. 14:14 “Trust Me”
.. 14:42 Calling the husband back for a long argument
.. 24:30 Connecting some other random mother fucker with the husband
.. 27:53 Connecting a girls bike for sale

34:07 Indian restaurant
36:12 Turbo asks how many gallons of semen fit in a tandori oven
.. Carlito calls back. puts Turbo back on the line
38:11 Quick angry Indian

40:01 Ordering Vietnemese Pho Fuh
..42:10 Ordering Vietnamese du ma may
..43:25 Trying to confirm what du ma may is.
..44:45 Still unable to confirm

55:10 – Cursing during a customer service survey

01:01:09 Calling back an effeminate applicant for a meat packing company, explaining we are adding animal meat to our product

01:14:00 Buying a cracked iPhone for taking upskirt pics on the Boston subway
.. 01:14:10 Calling the upset seller again
01:19:44 Calling more phones for sale
01:21:16 Baz calling even more phones for sale
01:31:39 A boring phone for sale
01:34:41 Zolar calling on a phone for sale
.. 01:36:24 Carlito calls back to apologize for Mr. Zolar
.. 01:40:10 You dirty enigma

01:41:36 Ordering eggs, pork meat and roasted labia

01:43:36 Major Chaos stole money from Zolar

01:48:46 Calling for custom circumcision cupcakes
.. 01:53:04 They refuse to accommodate our customization
.. 01:53:52 Baker says a deposit is required
.. 01:53:31 Baker is figuring us out

01:59:24 Zolar gets pissed at a foreigners accent
.. 02:01:02 Apologizing again for Zolar

02:02:22 Baz placing an Indian pickup order

02:04:58 “Police” leave a voicemail

02:08:00 Don’t call Carlito leaving stupid messages

02:09:54 Zolar’s Albert Mobley is ordering from the Turkish Kitchen

02:12:38 Talking to the Indian guy from last week

02:22:17 Dwight succeeds at making a Hare Krishna angry
..02:25:24 “BASTARD”

02:26:38 Indian guy actually brings his sister in front.
.. 02:28:27 Calling the bahnchod back
.. 02:30:30 Please don’t call police
.. 02:34:26 Baz calls again to be dirty some more

02:37:06 “Suspected” Indian food
.. 03:38:34 Albert calls back
.. 02:39:12 “Oh my gawd”

02:41:33 – UK David #1
02:44:59 – UK David #2
02:46:05 – UK David (or Ben?) #3
02:47:15 – UK Dr. David (#4)

02:49:54 – Michael Cope #1
.. 02:50:43 – “FUCK OFF!” (#2)
.. 02:51:02 – Rage yell (#3)
.. 02:53:09 First whistle attack (#4)
.. 02:54:26 Second whistle attack (#5)

02:51:43 – Calling a known homosexual in the UK

02:53:35 Zolar calls from

02:56:12 Checking in on all the numbers

03:03:00 Last wake up call by David Snozwell

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  1. MadhouseFan says:

    Pretty cool thing about the shownotes. I enjoy a lot of Carlito’s music. Maybe you should post what songs he plays during the shows.

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