Three Men and a Baby Machine – 03/14/14

3menbabyA short pre-show before Art of Phonelarking with Carlito, Sl0th, Awkward and Enigma420. We hit up some more people who were interested in our free bedroom set. Sl0th upsets a sushi restaurant with his questions and bufoonery. Carlito wants to park in an event parking lot, get his girl pregnant, then go to a concert wearing adult cloth diapers to avoid going to the bathroom.

Show notes:

0:06:40 Parking and fucking
0:12:24 Bedroom set 1 (Sl0th)
0:15:58 Bedroom set 2 (Awkward)
0:23:50 ..calling back to let him know we have already started
0:27:16 Engima is bi so he can’t prank the sushi place
0:27:46 ..calling back to place a sushi order
0:34:15 Getting recommendations for shitting and pissing at a concert using an adult cloth diaper
0:38:49 ..calling back for clarification on cleaning the shit and piss
0:43:08 Getting rid of Karl Kani jeans
0:45:09 ..Dr. Big Baby Baz gets hung up on
0:46:22 Calling a kitchen supply warehouse about the ball with the thing

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