Nougat – 3/26/14

NougatJoin Carlito, Baz and Laugh Track Matt as they sneak in the word nougat and blow the train whistle in as many calls as possible. Throwing stuff at the display cases in museums. Chasing lost dogs off with rocks and candy bars. Doing poppers, smoking drugs and feeding monkeys at the zoo. Delivering drugs to Robinson Cano at the spring training locker room.

Show Notes:

0:06:30 A long wait just to say “I’m a choo-choo train”
0:10:15 Basillica upset at Carlito’s choice of words
0:12:01 Looking to throw objects at the museum
0:15:18 All five lines are busy at the art museum
0:17:44 Head museum
0:22:43 Calling the US Airways arena for train tickets
0:24:12 ..Baz calls back
0:33:40 A baseball landed right by Carlito’s feet by the ballpark
0:35:26 Delivering drugs for Robinson Cano
0:40:35 Calling a Lutheran church out of boredom
0:42:21 Desert voyages
0:44:39 ..calling back to sneak in nougat
0:47:39 Calling about the monkeys
0:53:34 .. calling back about the nougat we fed the monkey
0:53:49 Calling the San Diego zoo resort on a recorded line
0:57:40 Hot boxing in the parking lot
0:58:29 ..calling again honking the horn
0:59:35 The best fishing line to strangle a monkey
1:01:00 smell like tuna
1:01:55 ..a couple more calls
1:03:28 Indian food order
1:07:45 ..calling back about rude treatment
1:10:07 ..calling from the parking lot
1:15:47 Lady at the hotel
1:17:07 Indian calls in and calls Matt a fucking pussy
1:18:37 Connecting Indian guy with the hotel lady
1:18:37 Several calls to the hotel guy about getting fed nougat
1:34:53 Calling about a lost dog that was fed nougat and had a seizure
1:45:12 Freeze…up right your ass!
1:47:14 ..calling back and calling the “Laawwwuh”
1:47:21 Angry bahnchod order
1:49:52 Offering stuff for a wedding
1:55:12 Sitting on a riding mower in the living room eating a nougat bar
1:56:07 …why’d you hang up mother fucker?
1:57:08 Found a wallet at the hospital
1:59:44 Connecting another random guy with a lost wallet
2:01:59 ..calling back his mom about nougat
2:15:40 Willie calling Walt Disney World HR
2:17:27 ..calling about the nougat bars not having come in yet
2:20:13 UK callback by Baz

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