2008-10-25 Show

Our final Saturday show starts off with us creating a Sodomist Priest character for Dungeons and Dragons, and then we try to bribe a store clerk into letting us purchase upgrades under the table. The same gaming store later calls back and traces the Madhouse show down. Our mocha colored toy poodle bitch Lizzy Poo needs clothes. We pull a restaurants licenses for just about everything. After that we start calling around with orders for panties. A Jamaican woman gets mad when shes told to shut up as she reads off her menu. Carlito forces a Chinese man to say the number 4 as often as possible. A pizza guy wants to know what number 2 is.

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  1. Adam ragins says:

    there is a portion of the show where there is being music playend. its a couple of rock songs i would like the name of them please!!!

    P.s I absolutely love that show I listen to it everyday

  2. carlito says:

    I can try, can you give me the time the songs are at?

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