Tag: "2007 shows"

2007-03-08 Show

Tonight we get into an argument with a phone “actress”, keep asking a British hotel manager how many minutes are in an hour and discuss the topics of the day.

2007-03-02 Show

Madhouse Radio pranks Japan all night.

2007-02-22 Show

We harass an ancient martial artist, talk to a Japanese 7-11 employee and Jack Masterson wants to make a large order of biscuits and gravy.

2007-02-18 Show

Carlito gets stuck in a cage in Europe, ATT security goes after Carlito and we call around for some dog food. Jin Stewart joins the show for the first time.

2007-02-01 Show

Sean Ward calls in to break his silence, a girl is accused of stealing a cell phone and we spend some time waking up people in Great Britain.

2007-01-25 Show

CHG asks a big black guy how much juice he holds, Will discuss his record and Zolar kicks us off the air.

2007-01-18 Show

Chief Sitting Bull wants to rent out a campground for a Native American pow-wow, a man wins a radio contest on 98.6 The Mouth and the Crazy Guy plays his crazy accordion.

2007-01-11 Show

Rotisserie Wallace is a 4th string NFL quarterback who wants to film a porno film for publicity, Bubba Johnson calls a bowling alley, and Sam the Donut Man reappears.

2007-01-04 Show

Johnny Roach (CHG) gets into an argument with a corporate receptionst, Carlito calls back to confront security and we make a woman believe that her friend wants to hook up with her.

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