Tag: "2007 shows"

2007-08-23 Show

No description.

2007-08-10 Show

No description.

2007-08-02 Show

No description.

2007-07-26 Show

No description.

2007-07-19 Show

No description.

2007-06-14 Show

No description.

2007-06-07 Show

No description.

2007-05-27 Show

Tonight we call for Chinese toilet repair, discuss dirty underwear soup with a store manager and a pair of old men reminisce about the 1950’s.

2007-05-17 Show

A German neo-nazi wants to donate a confederate flag cake, a creepy guy calls a bar and we order seven dozen donuts.

2007-05-10 Show

A polar bear wrecks a stolen rental car, Jin gets kicked out of a bar and we dumpster dive for old bagels.

2007-05-03 Show

A woman is conned into faking an orgasm for John Meyer tickets, a man is accused with someone elses wife and the Madhouse crew gets into big trouble.

2007-04-04 Show

Tonight we order “television clothing” from Scotland, CFC rants and we end the show early.

2007-03-29 Show

Carlito asks a wine bar about cheese and tannins, Food Stamp books a hotel room with a crass attitude and a guy in Norway can’t hang up the phone.

2007-03-22 Show

No description.

2007-03-15 Show

Madhouse Radio comes thru with several international and domestic pranks and the topics of the day. Legendary prankster Reclude joins in on the fun. Voted one of the best episodes of 2007 to date.

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