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A $50 Tacky Tie? – 12/30/2013

tomfordA lady places an ad looking for free clothes, we break into a house and call her to offer the clothes in the garage.  Carlito is presuming a tacky Tom Ford tie he got for Christmas was bought at TJ Maxx and he insists on swapping it out without taking it to the service desk first.  Cross upsets a church lady, orders a sandwich for the pastor and burritos for everyone else.  Calling feminist book stores and asking them to search for sexist book titles.  We’re looking for electronic cigarette liquid flavors that make you really horny.

Pita Bread Sandwich – 12/23/13

pitaHappy holidays from Madhouse Radio!  Cross makes enemies out of the Butterball turkey help line.  Financial advisors are bullshit.  Carlito commands a Greek restaurant to speak English in America and change the name of their menu items.  Flirting with the girl at the office supply store doesn’t go to well.  Carlito proofreads a poorly written classified ad.  Looking to buy homemade mulch with termites to infest my ex-wife’s house with.  Dr. Baz the evil scientist is back from the tree on Dagobah.  A spiritual emergency regarding an apparation of Saints Frances and Clare and Jesus attacking and raping the devil in a church.

Somali Blood Makes The Garden Grow – 12/16/13

somalibloodThe focus is on Planet Fitness when we expose that their lunk alarm is actually rung when colored people enter the gym.  The asshole kid at the tire place can’t tell us how many tires we need to burn an old oak tree down.  Carlito needs fresh Somali blood to make his garden grow.  I’m not sure what you mean by ‘apply’ for work.  You can be a bad husband and make your wife clean and cook after working in the office all day.  Baz pees and is later told he can’t stick his hands in his pants at the gym.

Let Us Pray – 12/5/13

Prayer-phoneCross wants to seance and masturbate in the hotel room where Jani Lane from the band Warrant commited suicide in.  A pastor starts praying for Carlito to stop prank calling and change his ways.  Carlito wants to perform science experiments on a horse for sale.  The King of Thailand is still an asshole.  A Vietnamese embassy gets very pissed off at us.  We can’t get a straight answer about slavery during Australia’s history.

Thanksgiving 2013 Prankathon 7/7 – Jiad and The Art of Phonelarking

fresh-turkey_phoneJiad and the Phonelarkers wrap up 24 hours of prank calls during the Thanksgiving 2013 Prankathon.

Thanksgiving 2013 Prankathon 6/7 – Lux – The Psycho Show

turkey-luxLux and his screaming annoying sister take to the air during the Thanksgiving 2013 Prankathon with more prank calls.  Lux has a site at

Thanksgiving 2013 Prankathon 5/7 – Roy and Staci in the Afternoon

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREBrad Carter/RBCP/Roy and Big Staci continue the Thanksgiving 2013 Prankathon with Black Friday afternoon pranks, including an epic trolling of a guy buying a shirt in the automotive department.  Visit Brad at and Staci at


Thanksgiving 2013 Prankathon 4/7 – Brent Westwood Show

turkey-brentDirty Aaron pranks through Black Friday morning with the Brent Westwood Show during the Thanksgiving 2013 Prankathon.  Check out

Thanksgiving 2013 Prankathon 3/7 – Icegoose and Sloth – Science!

turkey_phoneIcegoose and Sloth continue the Thanksgiving 2013 Prankathon through sunrise with a 2 hour shift and an episode of Science.  Follow

Thanksgiving 2013 Prankathon 2/7 – Dialer – GCR Radio

turkey-gcrDialer continues the 24 hr Thanksgiving 2013 Prankathon graveyard shift with a special episode of Global Chaos Radio.  Visit

Thanksgiving 2013 Prankathon 1/7 – Carlito’s Madhouse

TURKEY_PHONECarlito, Milkman and the Madhouse crew kick off 24 hours of prank calls on Thanksgiving 2013.

What Is ABDL? – 11/21/2013

SENIOR_ADULT_DIAPERWe’re back doing layaway calls for the holiday season.  Carlito was refused entry to a Navy Exchange, he calls the Pizza Hut in the food court to complain of discrimination.  We review some new and recent voicemails from prankees.  Nonsensical food orders continue including cooked pizza and boiled pasta.  Baz and Carlito get into arguments with foreigners as usual.

No Knives Please – 11/11/13

knife-control1Carlito is trying to make dinner reservations but needs to be sure all knives are removed from the table and no hot coffee is served.  Rev. John Snakewater won’t be allowed to set up camp in a church parking lot and that’s bullshit.  We follow up on the stupid baby fund.  Magda doesn’t speak to anyone who is not on her list, gets insulted in Spanish.

You Got The Juice – 11/07/13

juiceA lady gets really weird when Carlito asks if she rides her washing machine.  Carlito busts a dishonest Mazda salesman who will say anything for a sale.  Cross is trying to get the cost of bowling dropped down by cutting out excessive amenities.  Two Indian prank victims settle things together on their own.  United Water Motherfuckers is calling the UK to have the water checked.

You Da Muthafucka – 10/31/13

fryerCarlito is trying to get an annoyingly long message written on a small birthday cake for Milkman.  The white devil confronts a church lady about her problem with him.  Shosho mihoho and meal machines from the chicken place.  A different chicken place won’t let Carlito buy or use their Henny Penny pressure fryer.  A worker at the car lube place is stressing out because his co-workers abuse him and throw money at him to order food.

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