I Have AIDS – 5/25/2015


Jin Stewart joins Carlito and Milkman for some prank calls. We want boobs and craps at the Hustler casino. Lots of pissed off Indian restaurants. Jin is calling from the Food Network with a restaurant review. A man denies he touched his female employee inappropriately. Carlito gets called a “call center faggot”. The whole gang frustrates white trash motel guests.
Guests: Jin Stewart, Tedwwweb, Dwight, JagTV & Yo Bob (Drunk), Baz, Evil Artie

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  1. Smashy says:

    Fucking awesome to have Jin back in the mix. At some point during the show he mentioned that he took his pranks down from YouTube because of “what happened”. So, what happened?

  2. TonyTwoFish says:

    This was a really great show. That Jin guy is funny as fuck.

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