All By Myself – 12/7/14

Carlito starts the show alone by calling for a pagan pyro tree. Carlito then asks a lady for her dryer lint to smell and a thermos of her used laundry water. Carlito calls for a weekly survey and tells the cashier no one loves him by GHF’ing him. We make orders for pasta, Aculo’s Mexican food, and yogurt for a real man. Carlito asks about a heist in Gotham City. We find out Larry knows about us at Tool World. Neon, Dwight and Cross talk to a deranged woman about Little Bobby, smoking around her kids, Dwight love-fighting her after cleaning her up at a car-wash. Dwight calls a guy and says his kid looks like something. Carlito asks why a guy is selling a wannabe casting couch.

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