Telephone Tough Guy – 12/14/14

Carlito and Trainwreck call Lowe’s looking for ‘elp finding the MOD and the floors that go. Carlito asks for sexy specials from the pizza menu. Black Dwight returns and scares Enigma and Carlito with a voice changer in to thinking Neon is talking to them. Dwight talks to a guy that wants to hunt him down for a fight. Carlito discusses with a liquor store cashier if it’s ok to bring a bat for booze. Carlito wants a new cat and asks if he can play with its sexual organs and shoot a gun in the air around it. A guy embellishes his ad for landscaping with pyro tendencies. Carlito follows up from a Tabachi call asking for a spare room and telling the landlord he’ll be voted out of the house with an alliance immunity.

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