Happy Carlos Day – 6/20/14

hbdcarlosIt’s Carlito’s birthday and he’s celebrating with them crazy prank calls! Carlito loses his wedding ring while masturbating with a car wash vacuum cleaner. Ronnie in the lobby department is starting trouble among all the supermarket employees with his fake gossip, A tuxedo shop refuses to make alterations which will allow Carlito to strip in front of his mother.

Show Notes:

0:00:54 Calling about a yard sale while cursing
0:03:12 Calling about cards for sale
0:10:27 Honey baby – click
0:11:10 Calling about the cat hotel
0:15:32 Lost a wedding ring in the car wash vacuum cleaner
0:19:37 Ronnie creating mass confusion among the employees at the Albertson’s supermarket
0:36:12 Calling to schedule a hair washing fantasy
0:38:26 ..not interested in a haircut from a gay guy
0:39:12 ..talking to Crystal again
0:40:39 Calling about renting a limo and paying the smoking fine up front
0:42:51 Calling back about the lost wedding ring
0:43:26 Nothing fazes this Greek guy
0:46:07 Hey, did you hear?
0:46:33 Lost dog makes Carlito sad in the end
0:48:15 Looking to buy some pit bulls
0:49:46 Calling for special tuxedo alterations
0:52:38 ..calling back to drive the point home
0:54:10 Porcelain dolls

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