2009-04-23 Show

We talk to attendees at a clown convention, one of them tells Carlito to go F himself. Later on the President of Clowns threatens Hollywood Vanja with a phone trace after we inquire on the lack of black clowns. Carlito has a lucid dream featuring two of his ex girlfriends at the same time. We discuss eating turkey legs at Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando – the best meal deal at the theme parks. Zolar gets a virus on his PC, places a prank call request to a backhoe company. Carlito announces a revamped prank call archive section over at the Madhouse forums. We discuss the roots of the upcoming Cinco de Mayo celebration. Carlito realizes he was unintentionally saying a racial epithet in the break room at work in front of his african american boss. A little kid wants to order a late night pizza with gummy bears and macaroni and cheese, his mom then begins to argue with the manager.

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