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1 Room, 1 Bed, 2 Men

Carlito is on the air on the day after Christmas 2009. We harass our friends at the Iranian hotel, report a blockage on the Passage to India and wish peace and love on the world. Milkman is upset he wasn’t informed there was a show today.

The Rivers in Volgergrad are Cold in the Spring

Carlito discusses Avatar and Clark Griswolds rant on Christmas Vacation. The ladies at the liquor store call Carlito a pendejo. Tuck finally gets DSL. Carlito’s wallet is stolen by a Malasyian man in Chicago, we call Malaysia to file a complaint.

Toasted Mashed Potato Sandwich – Thanksgiving ’09 Show

The Madhouse crew goes on the air on Thanksgiving night. We discuss the meaning of boxing day. Valente fights with his wife in France over a hotel room confirmation, Bruno the Monkey gets the full brunt of the aftermath. Eddie Garcia is ordering pizza.

The Piece on the Fleet Special Show

Carlito is calling about the piece on the fleet. We get rude treatment in Iran again and threaten to make a gentleman kiss our shoes. A teriyaki place has an unclean woman handling food. We advise people in the UK that they are supposed to set their clocks back incorrectly.

That’s Right

Crazy Fucker has been drunk dialing Carlito at 3 am, we play the voice mail hes been leaving us. Burger King franchisees are suing over losses resulting from the $1 Double Cheesburger promotion. We chew the fat with Big Megan at the Burger King.


Carlito discusses microwaved bananas. The ranch dressing tastes kinda tangy. Carlito talks about invoking Malcolm X during a conversation about the Jay Z/Beanie Siegel beef on Shade 45. Carlito is going to microwave a soda can in a convenience store.

Sign Language on The Phone

We have a long conversation with a kabob place. Vagina T. Asshole is calling a hotel in China. Summer Bigjohnson gets hung up on. We make some calls to Iran. Carlito tries to convince a lady in the UK that he can talk to her hearing impaired husband.

The Colored Show

We are suing a restaurant after a wallet has been stolen from our table. Another restaurant denies that they have colored people working there. An angry Israeli threatens Carlito. A Jewish-American lawyer is foreclosing on a house in the UK.

Ass Crazy

White people are making too much noise in Massachusetts. We argue over a quote on a tattoo. Carlito incorporates kanye’s outburst at the VMA’s in some calls to the UK. A Jin stewart imposter joins us. We keep bothering a restaurant for a pizza machine.

96 Point Mouth

We discuss the balloon boy, Paul Bearer and the death of Lou Albano. A movie star is hitting on a waitress in Vietnam, wants to spank her and marry her to give her American citizenship. Valente prank calls the North Korean embassy in Singapore.

Oh God Bill

No description.

Your Mom Can’t Make Sauce

Carlito is getting hooked up with a free pizza. We discuss The Day After and Threads among other Cold War topics. Someone touched our dog on the privates. Carito refuses to believe a man is Asian. Sal’s mom can’t make sauce. Bova’s and Valente’s are at war.

2009-08-27 Show

No description.


Highlights from an impromptu Monday morning show. Valente gets upset when he gets put on speaker phone. A Hispanic mans cell phone number was accidentally put in the newspaper posting for taxi drivers. The hiring manager at a marketing firm doesn’t like being called big girl. And more!

2009-07-30 Show

After some technical difficulties we call back the salvage yard that we pranked back on Thanksgiving night and raise hell again. Carlito loses his patience while asking for Japanese spaces. An old man at a pub in the UK cant spell Pennsylvania without Penis. We try to order Chinese food in authentic Mandarin. Reclude and Richie Randall join in on the fun as well.

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