2009-04-09 Show

Carlito got a bad haircut and has a pimple. Milkman joins us live from his car while taking a trip through Los Angeles. We prepare for Good Friday, discuss White Castle vs Krystal burgers and life as a bi-racial. Carlito forces a hotel clerk to run a speed test on his internet connection. Milkmans GPS voice sounds sexier than Carlitos. A mothers foot is run over by a shopping cart, the grocery store employees refuse to render assistance or give up their insurance information. We check in with our angry friend at the Funky Zone again. Vince Shlomi, the Sham WOW guy, has been arrested for assulting a hooker in South Beach. A woman is hosting a dinner party and has no time for Carlitos shenanegans. Finally, a Christian woman is about to lose her religion and curse us out.

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