2009-03-12 Show

Milkman has a new car. A kabob place is onto Carlito and his Youtube. DJ Gloworm joins the fray. A Georgian-Russian restaurant is not for sale, not even a quarter. Gloworm is told not to curse. A woman has been caught throwing used adult diapers out of her car and dumping them near a lake, we speak to her dad. Someone has flushed half of a turkey sub down the toilet at a mens shelter, Valente Garcia wants someone from the restaurant that sold it to come retrieve it. Mortal Kombat gets no love from the gaming community. Dr Lego joins us, makes a wacky call to a Korean restaurant. Reclude calls an Indian restaurant looking for a gay hookup and actually gets a phone number. We followup and schedule a gas station rendezvous with a real gay Indian. A stripper has last her job and calls Dennys for a job, then starts crying. Carlitos electrical machine needs more resistance.

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