2008-11-24 Show

Dr. Nargas is applying for construction work, says he is good at giving tests with the papers and has a student vouch as a reference during the call. Carlito then drives a hard bargain and forces a job offer in the telemarketing field. Hollywood and Summer Bigjohnson have sales experience…selling themselves that is. A man with a womans name gets propositioned for a quid pro quo work offer in the process. Jack Masterson and Hollywood catch a company breaking equal employment opportunity laws. DaDead discusses The Shield series finale and our theories about the end of Vic Mackey. He then pranks an alarm company and says he once tried to sell an alarm system in a neighborhood that a convicted sex offender moved into. Carlito doesnt know how to send his fax to Ft. Lauderdale. Father McQuarters needs a wheelchair ramp installed on the altar. Carlito convinces a diner patron to put the cordless phone in the trash bin behind the counter.

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