2008-09-25 Show

MistaC gets his account pulled at YouTube for posting footage of Oliver Stones new movie W. Lionsgate doesn’t realize he was submitting his entry to their own contest per their rules. We find out that the staff at the KFC in Compton work behind bulletproof glass and that their floor is not clean enough to eat off of. Carlito doesn’t like Spanish speaking customers. Carlito is sexually assaulted by a sick store employee after being caught handing out flyers on the premises. Penis. Riche Randall is appearing on a USO show and is calling around for hotel reservations in Guam, then starts propositioning the front desk clerk for in call services. A thai restraunt in Australia gives a grandmother SARS. Washington Mutual is the latest bank to fail.

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  1. Marky says:

    Carlito @ 8:19 – “I’d like to see Richard Pryor in a serious movie”

    Then check out “Blue Collar”.

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