Category: 2009

2009-03-12 Show

Milkman has a new car. A kabob place is onto Carlito and his Youtube. DJ Gloworm joins the fray. A Georgian-Russian restaurant is not for sale, not even a quarter. Gloworm is told not to curse. A woman has been caught throwing used adult diapers out of her car and dumping them near a lake, […]

2009-02-26 Show

Carlito discusses Benicio Del Toro and the Che biopic. A feminist is woken out of bed. A bar manager gets upset when Carlito keeps getting his last name wrong. We inquire on the difference between black and white bbq. Carlito hacks an answering machine. CFC keeps calling in drunk. We wake up Scotland. Milkman and […]

2009-02-19 Show

Carlito is joined by Zolar and Evil Artie in studio. Reclude doesnt agree with eating in the bathroom. Richie Randall is becoming psychotic, threatens to rub a womans face into a jukebox. Gary Busey wants to talk to a famous movie producer. Ralph Littlejohn goes to Chilis, gets upset when a white guy with shoes […]

2009-01-29 Show

We revisit a Cuban restaraunt. Carlito discusses his stories on unemployment benefits and miserable jobs. Milkman heard about the clown car vagina with the octuplets this week. We call a Greek restaraunt and confuse baklava with malaka, a Greek curse meaning jerk-off. Reclude and Carlito discuss Notorious, the Biggie Smalls biopic.

2009-01-08 Show

Milkman is late again and Carlito is fed up with it. Carlito calls McDonalds to complain about Burger King – demands that the girls tell him what their functions are. Fast food talk with Tuck. More bahn chod prank calls to Indians. One upset Indian cook asks for Carlitos personal references. Another orders him to […]