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2008-12-26 Show

Carlito is joined by Hollywood Vanja on the morning after Christmas. Together, they call several stores such as Walmart and Best Buy during one of the busiest days of the year and present odd cases for gift returns.

2008-12-18 Show

Historic Madhouse show, Carlitos studio gets shut down by the police hence the short length and sudden cut off. Hollywood visited a fast food joint that ran out of meat earlier in the day, he calls back and informs them to close for the night and apparently they do. An anger management line is not […]

2008-12-15 Show

Ralph Littlejohn confuses a newspapers advertisement for a job posting. Jack Valente applies for a voice acting job by making racially stereotypical jokes using a voice changer. Dr. Nargas finally speaks to someone regarding the job in Jacksonville. Carlito keeps hitting 0 on a receptionist. Security guards don’t officially condone racial profiling.

2008-12-11 Show

Reclude creeps everyone out when he voices a guy trying to set up a rendezvous with a young lady at the gas station. The Mecca restaurant doesn’t serve lamb but Jack Valentes stool sample says otherwise. Rotisserie Wallace is trying to book performing chimps to appear as extras in his fabricated, stolen sex tape. We […]

2008-12-08 Show

Has our friend at the diner died in a car accident? Hollywood cant convince the staff to join him in prayer. A divorcee to be sounds like she might take Carlito up on a date offer. Sassy + Sexy = Sessy. Dr Nargas is looking for work in Jacksonville. A math tutor becomes a guitar […]

2008-12-04 Show

Carlito tries to force a lady at an answering service to incriminate herself for something she did not do. We have fun with an indian casino in the desert, Carlito has lost his diabetes kit there again. Reclude defaces the Koran. A French peeping tom is terrorizing the UK and looking at women in their […]

2008-12-01 Show

Carlito places several calls in to job openings in which he forces his own sales techniques on an art gallery, drives a van that he calls the panty dropper and is afraid of touching dirty money at a bank. Air conditioners can be fixed by kicking and hitting them most of the time. Carlito is […]

2008-11-27 Show

Carlito gets crude with the ladies at Denny’s. CFC sheds some light on his prison story. Margaret is dealing with that time of the month and drops the phone in the toilet. We follow up on the Guy In The Suit from the Poker Room and find out hes in the hospital. His coworker wont […]

2008-11-24 Show

Dr. Nargas is applying for construction work, says he is good at giving tests with the papers and has a student vouch as a reference during the call. Carlito then drives a hard bargain and forces a job offer in the telemarketing field. Hollywood and Summer Bigjohnson have sales experience…selling themselves that is. A man […]

2008-10-30 Show

No description.

2008-10-25 Show

Our final Saturday show starts off with us creating a Sodomist Priest character for Dungeons and Dragons, and then we try to bribe a store clerk into letting us purchase upgrades under the table. The same gaming store later calls back and traces the Madhouse show down. Our mocha colored toy poodle bitch Lizzy Poo […]

2008-10-23 Show

Evil Artie joins the crew in studio, smokes his first cigar. Carlitos PC overheats again. Carlito microwaves his foil covered arepas, blames the Columbian restaurant when they catch fire. Dr. Lego voices Ed Rooney who is served by a sick waiter, the hospital breaks in to let him know his lab reports came in positive. […]

2008-10-16 Show

Carlito is holding a block party in the ghettos of Philly. We play our show demo entry for a contest on Sirius radio. Thomas Jefferson calls Ben Franklin. We make a few calls to a Cuban restaurant throughout the night. Athena gets a wake up call, Carlito threatens to eat junk while she is out […]

2008-10-11 Show

Carlito and Tuck are joined later by Milkman on a lazy Saturday afternoon for some prank calls. Orlando Taxis is based out of Bolton, UK so naturally Carlito confuses things with Orlando, FL. We then followup with new pranks to old victims such as the Crying Old Pensioner Woman from 2006, the Cockroach restaraunt from […]

Best of 2008 Special

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