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Madhouse Christmas Show 2011

Carlito gives his condolences to a North Korean embassy over the death of Kim Jong Il. Evil Artie almost kills a girl. Jin makes angry calls to an elevator company, a girl selling a blender and people in the UK. We call a new McDonald’s employee and ask her for her bra size for a uniform fitting. And the worst Christmas caroling you’ve ever heard.

Turks F*ck Greeks

Carlito touches base with the Turkish Horse again. Evil Artie makes a racist call to a Popeyes. Silly calls to the infomercial lines.

The Aberdeen Wind Advisory Administration

Jin gets the owner of a Turkish restaurant angry. Jack Masterson wants anonymous gay sex in the gym sauna. Carlito’s horse won’t perform after Australian kids threw apples at it. We are shutting down the streets of Aberdeen due to strong winds.

Return of the Horse – Thanksgiving 2011

We track down Earnie from the last horse show. Valente is flying a mobile home with awnings for wings into West Germany. We speak silly nonsense to China.

Faster Than AIDS

Jin Stewart returns to Madhouse after a long sabbatical. Carlito demands legal information from a restaurant for his lawsuit. We badger Indians and Greeks with curse words. Carlito pranks the Soviet Union.

Panty Soup

Joe didn’t inform Carlito that there was a Thursday night NFL game. Customers should treat the manager with respect. Father McQuarters is waking up the UK for an emergency prayer. Carlito wants a panty soup.

I Kicked Your Car

Roy got angry and kicked some guys Audi for no reason. Someone was looking at Jack while he was in the truck stop bathroom. Adult resort doesn’t mean you can leave your door open while you get naked. Honoruru Charlie teaches us some more Chinese curses. Carlito is getting his face blown off again.

Furries Are Not Allowed Here

A furry has pooped in front of Carlito’s son in a parking lot. Bubba Johnson is trying to get a dancing gig at a strip club. Ordering pancakes takes a hostile turn. An Indian restaurant curses Carlito out.

Throwing Things at Cats

We need an earnings report before ordering a mop. Cross is causing trouble while ordering a new oven. A gypsy is looking to park his caravan in someones yard. We follow up on how long it took to use the toilet after eating fried rice.

Pranks Not Banks

Carlito goes the distance for some cheap aus jus. It is ridiculous to ask how soon you will need to use the bathroom after eating fried rice. We bother some more infomercial lines. Carlito needs to book a hotel room in Austria for himself and his horse.

The Monkey Has an Office

Carlito is in a bad mood. We keep bothering a call center after seeing an infomercial for a steam mop. Charlie is amused that Cross is dying of cancer. The local Kinkos will not do our Spanish report for us.

What Is Wrong With This Show?

We mess with people responding to an ad for free furniture. A misdial leads to Carlito getting his balls blown off by an angry redneck. A couple of five percenters debate with Carlito over religion and the white man.

The Blind Pranker

Carlito has lost his vision. We prank the BBC and pull a Captain Janks. Carlito is too fat to ride a pony. There are no openings on the doll we want to purchase.

Crackers in the Bed

Carlito stuffs his face while ordering pizza, confuses the general managers. We start a big mess with room 112 in the UK. Valente is reading a telemarketers script at 5 in the morning.

Picture Me Rollin

Milkman and Carlito discuss Obama’s address and the new terror threat. Cross is suing a telemarketer…before he even starts his job. Ted and Carlito wake up the UK, are implored to repent by the blood of Jesus.

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