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Shit Water – 7/26/2015

shit-waterCarlito has water coming out of his ass after eating bad food, he calls around looking for a pair of shorts and medical advice – HIPAA compliance is broken in the process.  We try to convince Dadead to let us hear him have sex with his wife.  General Awesome is confusing Jin Stewart & Dadead with his audio machines.  A Comcast complainer is bothered with the fact that his social media accounts are being monitored.


Madhouse 10 Year Anniversary Part 4 of 4

We wrap up 14 hours of Madhouse Radio with the entire Prank Call Nation family joining for a massive prank call conference.

Madhouse 10 Year Anniversary Part 3 of 4

Continuing Madhouse Radio’s 10 year anniversary celebration with a PCU reunion!  KDK & Zolar join the festivities along with Big Andy later on.

Madhouse 10 Year Anniversary Part 2 of 4

The celebration continues chronicling the best moments from a decade’s worth of Madhouse Radio.  Appearances by Dr. Lego, Jin Stewart, Evil Artie & Jonathan the Grinch.

Madhouse 10 Year Anniversary Part 1 of 4

Join Carlito & Milkman as they celebrate 10 years of Madhouse Radio being on the air!  This segment covers the early days of the show and includes appearances by Sean Ward, Tucker Mike & Jin Stewart.

Gas In My Ass – 7/5/2015

phone-assA guy get so upset at our antics tonight that he starts quoting scripture and “speaking in tongues”. Jin is putting the phone up his ass and testing the gas pumps. Carlito is ordering a cheeseburger with fries – hold the cheese and fries.

Car Private Parts – 7/2/2015


Carlito, Dwight & Jiad dial wrong numbers, look for jobs and ask auto an auto parts store for the parts cars use to procreate.

Goat Sexual Organs (Prank Call)

Carlito is playing organ music in the background as he wakes a lady up to ask how big her goat’s sexual organs are.

Tongue Drum – 6/28/2015

tounge-drumCarlito creates a big mess at TJ Maxx when he claims the Best Buy next door received a shipment of theirs.  An even bigger mess happens when we connect a Twitter complainer with the accused United Airlines baggage deliveryman.  Brad hooks us up with some Payless Shoe Source customers.  Carlito is confused about how Confederates reproduce.



Language! – 6/26/2015

dc-mentCarlito is wasting restaurant’s time with long food orders. Dwight gets another 7-11 clerk to make a Diet Coke/Mentos geyser. Llama is starting shit at the Huddle House. We call a very angry Vietnamese restaurant in Guam. Carlito leaves a hotel attendant “out of sorts” and offended. Carlito, Dwight, Brad & Neon all prank a Twitter complainer – turning a “standup comedian” into an asshole over “hop fees” in the process.



Lost Prank Call: Racist Indian

A prank call from a summer 2012 episode where an Indian man goes aggro racist on Americans, explaining that we are all on food stamps and do nothing but eat potato chips, drink Diet Pepsi (or Diet Coke), sit on the couch & watch football.  According to him foreigners are actually running the country.

Lost Prank Call: Michelle Off Air

A previously unedited call to M1chille which was not included in the original episode where Carlito first called her.  This call occurred after the end of the “Sexual Organs” episode.  And includes Michelle talking about how she used to think she was a whore, why Carlito is scaring her & more.

Shishu – 6/21/2015

phone-microwaveJin is looking to donate a TV, but only after he pees on it.  Carlito is looking to ‘borrow’ a vampire hunting kit from a Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum.  Jin interrogates a Hugo Boss employee about the Nazi history of the company.  Asian retail store workers are confused into looking for someone named Shishu.  Carlito is almost able to convince a man to microwave his cordless phone.


What’s Your Fuckin’ Problem, Phone? – 6/18/2015


Carlito is joined by RoyBCP, Trainwreck, Dwight, Llama calling for jobs and things for sale out of the Sunday paper.  Carlito gets into a fight with Google Now.

Over Heat – 6/14/2015

gibsonThe guy at the TV news desk is a total dick to Carlito, loses in a swearing contest. Carlito and Milkman play Mel Gibson rants while on the phone with Starbucks. Looking for a photographer for a Satanic black wedding. Carlito comes ‘this’ close to booting a Twitter complainer off of his flight home. Looking to order some “hyeeeeugh”. Several Greek restaurants & stolen lava rocks. Miracle Whip as bed lub & Haole Howard.




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