Does It Get Your Pecker Hard? 6/12/2015


Carlito and Brent are looking for help grinding a garbage bag full of coffee beans at a grocery store. Dwight joins in as we are looking to buy an ambiguous car part. Brad and Carlito call to collect on the dirty pics they’ve been promised for securing a shoe order. A lady has prayed to God and decided to home school her kids, we call her to buy school books. We call and bother members of a curling club.

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  1. Boggy B says:

    He was in and episode of Everybody loves Rayman (Paul Reuben). The episode was called (Hakidu)

  2. NiKo says:

    It’s pronounced Nap-Ann-ee. Not Nup-on-ee. LOL

    OPP = Ontario Provincial Police

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