How Do You Walk? – 3/15/2015

upside_down_guy7Four orchestra players were arrested for looking into a women’s restroom during a concert. ¬†Carlito is calling hotels in foreign countries asking if they have beds, water & air. ¬†Looking for massage parlours in muslim Malaysia. Guests are Neon, Dwight, Baz & Tedwwweb.





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  1. Haiwan says:

    Awsm pranks to Malaysian restaurants.
    As a Malaysian myself, I would like to point out a few things.
    Even though most of us know what is “hisap batang”, but it is not really widely used.
    For Malaysian calls you can go with the word “cibai”. Pronounced as chee-bye. It means pussy. Pretty much people will get offended by this more often.

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