Shut Up Devil! – 12/28/2014

Carlito makes Craigslist calls about computer tower machines and sexy goats with sexual organs. Carlito calls asking for “kakikis” before breaking out in a satanic Tourette’s fit. Carlito asks a hotel clerk if she has labia present. Baz calls a girl with a new number and get called a spicy pervert. Baz asks a guy about housing and if they can compare notes and make up their own stories together with a little “I show you mine, you show me yours.” Neon calls back to ask about working out deals as well as why she has to be single to rent it. Neon calls a different shared room ad and wants to set up cam sessions to throw glitter while she works. Dwight, Carlito and Neon try to get free stuff from a guy. Carlito and Neon try to get 55 gallon barrels but instead the kanaka and his wife want to teach Neon and Carlito manners. Carlito gets cussed out trying to order Indian food.

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