Do What Now – 10/13/14

Carlito, Laugh Track Matt, Trainwreck and Neon kick off Madhouse Live. Carlito asks for an interview buying puppies. Matt asks if a guy has an Iphone 5Crap. Carlito wants a truck that fits in the box. Neon does what now and inquires about a van. Carlito wants to smell the seats on a Dodge. RBCP joins and makes the group get noisy. Neon welcomes fake Roxi in with Indian Scammers. Carlito calls for Sandwich-making information. Carlito puts everyone on mute and does calls. Carlito and Neon celebrate their honeymoon by wanting Tempura ice cream to go. Baz joins to order a chorizo breakfast and describe what’s in the food. Carlito calls a YMCA and asks if there are outlets available for Baz and Carlito’s hygiene purposes.

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