Happy Canada Day! – 7/1/14

canadadayIt’s Canada Day and Carlito is going around the country celebrating with firecrackers, rude requests and a search for Darkstranger. The Medieval Times dinner theatre show is accused of rigging contest outcomes and having sexually intimidating knights in armor performing. Carlito wants to be bathed in the precious blood and earn the destructive powers of Jesus. It’s probably not cool to ask the guy at Best Buy which camera is best for pirating new release movies.

Show Notes:

0:00:43 Carlito gets hung up on
0:01:28 Carlito calls back upset that he got hung up on
0:06:16 Hung up on for being too excited
0:06:43 Carlito confronts the West Indian lady who hung up on him for not being serious enough
0:10:29 Charges for extra condiments at Canadian McDonalds Machine
0:12:44 Ordering one coffee brewed with heat
0:14:51 You open today motherfucker?
0:16:42 Carlito wants to light some fireworks in the gas station parking lot
0:20:19 Calling Wayne Gretsky’s restaurant to inform he just died in a plan crash
0:23:24 Nonsense order leads to a manager hangup
0:26:53 ..calling another location to complain
0:32:39 Bringing a baseball bat to the auqarium (2 calls)
0:38:20 Ordering a cold meat sandwich from Subway
0:42:27 Carlito is lighting fireworks in the hotel elevator
0:43:26 Kimchee order, asking about the toilet
0:46:09 Complaining about the yellow knight on the Medieval Times show
0:49:40 Gambling on the Medieval Times show
0:53:00 Are you colored?
0:53:41 The precious blood
0:54:50 2nd call to the precious blood society
0:55:17 Another precious blood call
0:56:27 Al Abia is upset about the shitty office furniture
0:59:41 Ordering one boiled spaghettis
1:01:40 Classic Reclude Prank – Mr. White Devil
1:08:35 Cancelling the spaghetti order
1:08:35 Nonsesne Panera Bread order
1:10:45 ..calling back to continue order
1:15:12 Hung up on Jesus pooping and farting
1:33:46 Bakery order
1:48:38 Search for Darkstranger 1 (Taco Bell)
1:51:21 Search for Darkstranger 2 (Walmart)
1:53:22 Search for Darkstranger 3 (Holiday Inn Express)
1:56:28 Search for Darkstranger 4 (International Airport)
1:56:35 Quebbecois hang up
1:57:10 Dennys arugment (2 calls)
1:59:31 Another Dennys (3 calls)
2:05:11 Ordering Foo Potatoes from yet another Dennys
2:12:10 More nonsense orders
2:16:12 Boil the water and put the shit in (Shout out to Enigma420)
2:16:46 Ordering one coffee made with heat and water
2:19:28 Calling for the boiled spaghetti again
2:20:31 Ordering fire sauce direct from Taco Bell
2:26:41 Ordering juice
2:30:00 An insane Starbucks order
2:31:24 Ordering food from the liquor store
2:32:46 Ordering one meat from the meat department
2:37:17 Ordering one tea time
2:39:40 I am from Canada
2:42:00 Best Buy (Whats the best camera to pirate movies with?)
2:47:31 One Bahnchod

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  1. Psb099 says:

    You guys so awesome do you have a full podcast for Indian ppls

    I men like you’ve behnchod Indian podcast plese sent me a link I really enjoy it you guys deserve 5 star out of 5

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