I Fuck Two Costa Ricans Today – 6/29/14

GreeceGreece loses in the 2014 World Cup and Carlito harrases several Greek restaurants during and right after the loss. Carlito debuts Lowe’s Roulette – a game in which listeners in the chat room choose which department gets pranked. Looking to run experiments on tropical fish in a pet store and calling on Craigslist ads for dog machines.

Show Notes:

0:00:32 Looking to buy a motorcycle
0:04:57 Looking for a dog machine
0:05:50 Looking for a lost dog machine
0:07:28 Looking to sabotage fish tanks at a pet store
0:13:36 Looking to get a dog groomed
0:14:46 Calling a different groomer
0:15:58 Lumber dept quick hangup
0:16:36 The operator
0:18:13 Big fat Frank in the electrical department
0:19:26 Lumber once again, asking about 2X4s
0:24:16 Hardware and tools department
0:31:10 Install department
0:33:56 Calling Big Stephanie back
0:34:29 Talking to Big Fat Leonard
0:36:52 Talking it out with the tools department
0:41:27 Appliance department, looking for a washing machine that will make my wife get off
0:44:27 Delivery department
0:48:31 Appliance department again
0:50:55 Another lumber quick hangup
0:52:02 Calling lumber back, buying some plywood
0:57:19 Another electrical call
1:03:26 Paint department
1:17:43 Greel Taverna Opa
1:09:27 Greek Taverna Opa 2
1:10:06 Greek Olympia not watching the game
1:10:06 Greek Flame Restaurant (first call before loss)
1:14:17 Greek Corner doesn’t have the game either
1:15:48 Silly greek call
1:17:38 Unable to get Greeks to cycle their power breakers
1:29:18 Eating man thinks the monkeys are going to get beat
1:32:01 Is the Greek boss fornicating?
1:34:59 Lowes Roulette 2 – Calling the Millwork department for cider
1:38:35 Greek Taverna Opa 3
1:42:29 Greek Flame 2 (Super Angry Greek Man) upset over loss
1:46:26 Another Greek loser
1:47:33 Yet another Greek loser
1:49:22 Final call to Greek Taverna Opa

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