Have You Ever Had Your Shit Pushed In? – 4/3/14

cat-shit-pushedMilkman calls in upset after being ignored by Carlito for several months. We call on several ads for items for sale including pontoon boats, industrial meat grinders and Furbies. ┬áThe crew pins Ken’s harrasing calls on our old friend KDK. Some good old UK wake-up calls.

Show Notes:

0:15:31 Calling the motherfucker who keeps texting Carlito
0:17:08 Call motherfucker back
0:18:51 Ordering pizza with crust, tomato sauce, cheese, salt and garlic with one meat
0:22:12 Connecting Bel Air pizza, asking if they ever get their shit pushed in
0:22:50 Connecting big girl at Dominos
0:26:03 Ordering another one pizza from girls that finger each other
0:29:38 Calling back for chicken fingers
0:30:35 How are you little monkey boy
0:39:43 Calling to get the mother fucking pontoon boat, mother fucker
0:46:50 Calling sexy Stanley for a meat grinder
0:54:03 Late call from the DNC
0:56:06 Furbies came out in 1998 stupid
1:00:42 Masturbating the baby bull
1:08:07 Following up on Ken’s harrasing phone calls
1:09:54 ..calling back to help out
1:12:08 ..pinning KDK for the harrasing calls
1:20:48 Dwight calls about a pontoon boat for sale
1:30:25 McDonalds in Australia
1:43:47 Calling about a dog in the front yard
1:44:56 ..calling again about the dog
1:46:42 ..calling once again to tell him to man the fuck up
1:49:09 ..yet another call about the dog
1:53:15 Carlito’s hospital roomate call (RBCP)
2:03:22 Angry guy will slit Dwight’s throat
2:05:03 Zoo in Denmark (or not)
2:05:03 Peter Bradley (UK) reported by the Royal Service
2:21:25 Baz confirming his bedroom reservation
2:23:08 ..calling back and being told to get off the bloody line
2:24:05 United Water Machines checking on the toilet water
2:27:28 Baz would like to come and join a British couple in bed
2:28:42 ..calling back and being ordered to cease and decist
2:32:07 Hey Ballard
2:32:54 Quick hang up on Baz
2:33:25 Calling back to announce the Outstanding Citizen award

Music features in this episode:

Jay-Z – Izzo (H.O.V.A.)
Jay-Z – Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)
Jay-Z – Can I Get A…
Turnabout Jazz Soul – Godot – The Fragrance of Dark Coffee
MF Doom [Special Herbs 9 and 0] – Vinca Rosea
MF Doom [Special Herbs, Vol 3-4] – Styrax Gum
MF Doom [special herbs vol 5-6 – Galangal Root
MF Doom [special herbs vol 5-6 – Lavender Buds
MF Doom [Special Herbs vol. 1-2] – All Spice
MF Doom [Special Herbs, Vol 3-4] – Lemon Grass
MF Doom [Special Herbs 9 and 0] – Datura Stramonium
MF Doom – Secret Herbs & Spices Beat 1 (Little Sambo)
MF Doom [Special Herbs vol. 1-2] – Shallots
MF Doom [Special Herbs, Vol 3-4] – Spikenard
MF Doom [Special Herbs 9 and 0] – Passion Flower
MF Doom [special herbs vol 5-6 – Orange Blossoms
MF Doom [Special Herbs vol. 1-2] – Nettle Leaves
Rick Ross – 3 Kings (feat. Dr. Dre & Jay-Z)
Tupac – I Ain’t Mad At Cha
MF Doom [special herbs vol 5-6 – White Willow Bark
MF Doom [Special Herbs 7-8] – Safed Musli
Kalyanji & Anandji – Swami Safari

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