Calling About Those Stupid Jobs – 7/8/2013

help-wanted-ad-torn-out-of-a-newspaperEddie Cross is busting up unions but expects managment to give him a job as payment. We ask if a bookstore has a title in stock called Ughhhh. People in Los Angeles are interested in a free flat screen TV, even if it means transporting drugs across town for Lysol. Carlito needs to know how long it will take for marijuana to get out of his system before his cheek swab pre employment drug test. Agresive sales tactics are frowned upon at a furniture store.

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  1. Eaglesfan says:

    That story from Rambo was brilliant!!!! Pure comedic gold!!!! That guy was a good sport.

  2. Marky says:

    The Rambo story is on the July 16th show.

  3. Marky says:

    The audio gets mixed up at 2:02:39 – 59.

  4. npsacobra says:

    Stupid Jamaican shit.

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